89 Lx Grinding Noise On Startup

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  1. Hello,

    Recently my car started making a "grinding noise" every time I start it, and it seems to go away after the car starts. Just now I went to start my car and it started right up, but shut off right after it started. It did this about 5 times until I held my foot on the gas a bit to keep it running, then it ran fine.. My cars pretty stock besides a bbk CAI and sct tuner chip. Any ideas? Thanks!
  2. Not sure if I posted this in the wrong place. Please let me know if I did..
  3. The most likely cause is a starter that is still running or starter Bendix that is still hung up in the flywheel teeth instead of retracting like it is supposed to do.

    Pull the starter off and check the Bendix to see if anything seems to be not moving freely or damaged.

    The other possible problem is the starter solenoid sticking or incorrectly wired. I'd post a diagram for you but you didn't give the year model of your car.Therefore, no clue as to which wiring diagram you need. The wiring changed several times between 79 & 95.

    That's why it is a good idea to use the sig under the user control panel (User CP) option. It allows you to post your car year & mods, which help greatly when troubleshooting things. No, it is not there for us to snoop and see any "Secrets" you have hidden away under the hood. Be a good Stangnetter and update you sig for future reference & don't keep us guessing.
  4. Thanks I appreciate the response! Sorry I hadn't seen that there was a reply till just now. I put the year and model of my car in the title, sorry I should have made it a bit more clear. I'll definitely put that in my sig when I get home! A diagram would be a great! It's a 1989 lx
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