Paint and Body 89 LX Vert - rear glass separating from top

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Alley Oop

Mar 29, 2017
West Coast of Canada
I haven't done it myself but on the vette forum there was someone with the same problem as yourself and he used a good
quality glue to hold the glass to the top. I would sand the glass with emery cloth to get better adhesion.


Dec 27, 2018
I spoke to a guy today at a top shop here in San Diego and the guy said he wants to remove and reseal out of the car for $250. Seems like the top is over stretched or shrank to have caused this unless it’s a defect?

Alley Oop

Mar 29, 2017
West Coast of Canada
i got this from the corvette forum
12-01-2018, 06:25 AM
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Here is what I did over a year ago and it is still holding.

Bought Rhino Ultra Glue and “Universal Vacuum Clamps” (six in a box) on the Internet.
Unlatched the top to loosen the fabric. Supported the top with a piece of PVC piping. Stuffed pillows against the window from the inside.
Removed the old glue stuff from the glass using a glass scraper. Cleaned the fabric and glass with rubbing alcohol and glue remover. Masked the outside fabric as a protection against any glue run off. Glued glass top first using all 6 clamps. Clamps stayed on for 12 hours for each application.
The two sides were done next.
Last was the glass bottom.




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Nov 23, 2011
SF Bay Area
yup just replace the rear window assembly. just make sure the zipper portion (on the rear window) matches the existing one (on the top assembly)...from my experience, there are larger zippers and there are smaller zippers...when i mention size, i mean the zipper teeth. found that out the hard way.
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Feb 27, 2006
Chances are slim that the zipper will match, and if that’s the case, you have to peel the top over the rear frame, and remove the upper zipper and staple the new one into place.

I fixed this issue on my last car. Remove the rear window ( like 12 bolts on the bottom, and the zipper up top.). The parts store will have a glue that’s rated for like 2100 psi. Lay the glass on a table, clean the area, tape the fabric to prevent it from getting glue on it. Then glue it back in place and apply pressure with a clamp and a stir stick if possible , let it sit over night. Remove the extra glue from the glass with a razor blade and install. Install will be easier if you pop the clamps for the top to give you a little slack, get it started but not tight, re clamp the top, and then tighten the bolts.

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Dec 27, 2018
Thanks for all the suggestions and help guys, I’ll dig into a decision on approach and post some progress soon
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