89 Motor Mount Question

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  1. 20140722_182205.jpg 20140722_182213.jpg 20140722_182213.jpg My friend and I bought an 89 drag car that had reportedly had a 4 cylinder with a turbo running in the 9's. We want to put either a 302 or a 5.0 in the car. The pictures show what we have in the car for mounts. What do we need to make this work? Thanks for your help.
  2. I apologize if you don't get many responses, but I wouldn't know where to start with that, and I doubt anyone else here does either. I would buy a set of 5.0 mounts from the parts store and remove those. They are obviously hand made solid mounts for a 4 cylinder.

  3. A cut off wheel
  4. It looks like they unbolt from the K-member, no cut off wheel necessary.

  5. MO
    They unbolt but I have seen similar mounts with the stud in Jegs for a 5.0. I was hoping it is a simple bolt in. May haveuse motor plates. Anyone have images of what it should look like?