89 Mustang Coupe 5.0

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  1. I got this car back in August for my husband, but he never has time to drive it, and I need to get back to modifying my dd if we're not going to use this one. It looked like someone was trying to make a drag car out of it, but since I've had it, I've been swapping parts to make it more of a street car. It's an original 5.0 car, not a conversion. I'm not sure when the engine was rebuilt, but doesn't appear to be very long ago.
    Here's what I know about it:
    SVO roller rockers, FMS valve covers, short tube headers, electric fan, aeromotive fuel pressure regulator, aftermarket radiator, Competition Engineering rear shocks, newer fronts, believe a 12 gallon fuel cell w/sender, master cut-off in the fuel door, Summit fuel pump, new battery in the trunk, Taylor igniton box w/rev limiter, fms wires, aftermarket dist., Weind intake, Edelbrock heads, disc brakes all around, Autometer tach w/Equis gauges in dash and a fuel pressure gauge on the fuel line, pioneer speakers, and sony cd player. It has the a/c delete bracket on it with no power steering, heat works good though. It has atleast a 4" cowl on it. 4.10 gears, tinted windows, newer alternator. The interior pieces have been painted a dark grey metallic color, doesn't look bad, but you can tell it's not professional. O/R H-pipe with Flowmasters and dumps. It also has Corbeau race seats, had a tear on the driver side, I patched it good enough so it doesn't get any worse.
    Things I have replaced since I've had it:
    Changed out the c4 for a T-5, Pro 5.0 shifter, billet flywheel, cobra clutch, aluminum driveshaft, adj. clutch quadrant. I put new headlights (not the whole 6pc set though), a new water pump, new Holley 670 street avenger, new starter, new plugs, 17x9 cobra wheels (guy I bought them from lost one center cap, never have bought a replacement). Front tires have good tread, rears were rubbing some under his car. 245s w/good tread up front (rubs some at full turn), 275s out back. I just had the front end aligned, drives good and straight, not really hard to turn either unless you're barely moving. The pic of the interior is when the c4 was still in it.
    These are the the things that I don't like about it:
    Paint is pretty good except for a spot on the front bumper, the hood is not cleared, had a race wing on it, holes are filled, but not painted. Electric door locks don't seem to work, but you can do it with the key. Most of the time there's no sound on the cd player, sounds good when it does, but it may be a loose connection somewhere because it comes and goes. No speedo, but the cable is there. Either I haven't found the right jetting for the carb or there's an issue in the fuel system. It pulls hard all the way through the rpms when you get on it, but sometimes it breaks up when you're just riding around town. I don't know that much about carbs so it may just be me. If I get a chance this weekend I will change out the filter, and may try another fuel pump on it just to see if the problem is somewhere other than tuning. It is actually a good running car, and feels decently strong, I just haven't figured out that issue yet.
    Anyway, I do like the car, but I really need a new top on my other mustang, as well as, finish our drag cars. It's dirty, I haven't had a chance to clean it with this wonderful weather we've been having. $5,000obo. Title in hand. 706-318-8338

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    More Pics: 89 mustang coupe pictures by Standard_Racing - Photobucket
  2. Bump

    Bump for a nice looking coupe good luck on the sale
  3. Trades??

    Hey I'll trade you a 86 Coupe with a big block in it. Interested??

  4. I'll talk to my husband about it. Any details/pics?
  5. Fuel cell's being changed out for a sumped tank now so I don't have to pop trunk everytime I refuel.
  6. Sumped tank's been installed. Had to take the kill switch off, but comes with car. Fuel problem seems to be fixed, car runs strong. Any best offers?
  7. ill give you 2500
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