Expired 89 Mustang Lx 5.0 5spd (ct/new England)

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  1. 1989 ford mustang 57,xxx original miles, original v8 5 speed car so no swapped stuff. north carolina car so no rust or rot. I have receipts for almost everything and if it's new then it's less than 3 months old. I have put alot of work into this car to get it to where it is now. I dont really need to sell the car or truly want to but i really want a notch so im seeing whats out there. The car runs very strong for what it is. It could use new rear brake shoes, will need a set of tires (drycracked), the shocks and struts are a little tired but not bad. The paint is in amazing shape for its age but has chips scrapes and one spot on the rear hatch that peeled a little. Im asking $6000 obo for the car im not in a rush to sell it but i want a notch so it's time for this one to go. text 203-721-1136 or shoot me a message.
    *motor rebuild 2,xxx miles ago (hone new rings and bearings)
    *trans fluid change
    *traction loc rebuild 1 week ago with new carbon clutch packs and royal purple 75/140 fluid
    *new Hooker shorty headers
    *new 2.5 inch downtubes
    *new 2.5 inch off road H pipe (no cats, classic this year so emissions can go screw)
    *new 2.5 inch dynomax flowtubes
    *new 2.5inch pypes M80 mufflers
    *new 3 inch flowmaster tailpipes
    *new sve perfomance upper and lower manifold
    *new 02 sensors
    *new ford racing ac delete kit
    *new waterpump
    *new power steering pump.
    *new thermostat
    *new valve covers
    *new cold air intake
    *new MAF sensor (stock)
    *k&n oil filter with royal purple 10w30
    *new fan clutch
    *new walboro 155lph fuel pump (stock is like 80-90 lph)
    *new ford racing chrome plated oil dipstick
    *new coil
    *new plugs
    *new radiator
    *new serp belt
    *new battery
    *new starter selonoid
    *new interior carpet
    *aftermarket leather seat upholstery
    *all new door and truck locks
    *new ignition cylinder with keys
    *new door handles
    *new clutch cable with firewall adjuster and underdash quadrant
    *new spec clutch kit
    im sure there is lots more im missing but this is just what comes to mind at the moment.
    fox3.jpg fox6.jpg fox.jpg fox8.jpg fox4.jpg fox9.jpg fox10.jpg
  2. is this car still for sale?
  3. Yes its still for sale but ive been fighting an issue with it breaking up at higher rpms and its at a shop now for diagnostics. I have a thread in the 5.0 tech section if your interested in seeing whats been going on with it.
  4. if you could possibly give me a phone number so i can contact you and ask you some questions that would be awesome.
  5. 203-721-1136. The car just got back from being diagnosed. Turns out the new pump is bad. So the replacement should be here and get installed friday.
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