89 Mustang timing retard

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  1. I'm new here and new to 2.3s also.
    I've got a really puzzling problem. Car is an 89 Mustnag 2.3 n/a automatic.
    Timing retards 20 degrees from base timing when I plug in the spout connector.
    Thought maybe it was the knock sensor. Replaced with a known good one from another mustang identical to mine. Same issue with retarded timing.
    Unplugged knock sensor and have same issue.
    Pull spout connector and timing holds steady at 14 degrees.
    Checked my old knock sensor by hooking up to buddy's stang and his timing functions properly.
    He also runs 14 degrees base timing.
    Knock sensor shows a good ground on the black wire and around 2.5 volts on the hot wire. Hot wire voltage runs between 2.4 and 2,7 volts when revving engine.
    Battery power disconnected for 15 mins each time we tried something different.
    Could the computer be bad.
    I'm lost as to where to proceed next.
    Any help is appreciated.
  2. pull codes!
  3. Tried pulling codes but nothing comes up.
    Unplugged EGR to see if check engine light works.
    It does and I did pull a code for the EGR.
    Unhooked battery cable for 1 hour and started car with spout in and knock sensor unplugged.
    Timing read appx. 8 degrees advance.
    Revving engine caused timing to retard to appx. 5-6 degrees ATDC and then stabilizing back at 6-8 degrees BTDC.
    Begiining to think distributor components may be at fault.
    I have an 84 Turbocoupe distributor at my disposal that I know is good.
    Is it interchangeable?
    Will try to pull codes today and see if something shows.