'89 Mustang turbo?

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  1. Quick question. Was a turbocharger ever offered in ANY model of 1989 Mustang???? Please forgive my ignorance! :shrug:
  2. Well Ash, that sucks! The reason I wanted to know is, in California, to pass smog, I'd have to go to a referee for the visual inspection. If a turbo'd motor was offered in '89, I'd have a chance. With no '89 offering, I'm pretty much screwed! I guess I'm gonna have to pull the turbo and plug things up just to pass smog and then reinstall it. If I pulled the turbo, would that freak out the LA2? :(
  3. the merkur was still available in 89...is there any way to say that you swapped the motor from that or is that also not allowed in california?
  4. My understanding is, if equipment was offered in the model year of the specific vehicle (turbo/'89 Mustang), then it is acceptable for the visual part of the inspection. The Merkur offered in '89, I'm not sure about, but it is a ray of hope! I'm going to call California Air Resources Board (CARB) tomorrow and get it from the horses mouth/ass? Damn California smog laws!! :bang:
  5. This has been discussed on TF...unfortunately I didn't pay attention because I'll never live there...worth searching for though.
  6. Thanks Wood! Good article. I think I might order that book at the end of the article. I've heard it before and according to the article, it's true. The motor has to be the same year as the car or newer. Well, my motor is an '87, the car is an '89. How are they gonna tell what year the motor is? The year is stamped on the turbo side of the block, about 2 inches below the deck. Maybe, if I grind off the 87, plus the fact, it's covered by the exhaust manifold and turbo - how in the world would they be able to determine the year of the motor?!! I can just tell them I slapped on a turbo off an '89 Merkur (even though it's an IHI). They can't be that knowledgable! Maybe there's hope, after all! Thanks!
  7. Damn dude, I feel for you. Out east the saying is LIVE FREE OR DIE.
  8. i hear that. south carolinas saying is "we dont care if ya die just make sure its in a ford and ur with yer sister" "ah-yuk"
  9. California emmissions suck the big one, it makes me want to go there with a twin turboed bigblock with giant cam, race gas, no cats and race everyone then come back home haha
  10. I take my 89 Turbo Mustang down to California (Sacramento, Stockton, Manteca mostly) every year in June, and I smile every time I pass a smog shop with my 3" exhaust with no cat and no emission stuff period. I pass in Washington with this set-up but they don't pop the hood up here..
  11. bah, just gut your block and toss the guts and head from the turbo engine onto it, that way you technically have the same engine...yet not.