Expired 89 Notch 5.0 5 Speed

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  1. Very clean car it has 77000 miles on it. Has Rhs heads fresh forged piston 302 E303 cam lowered staggered 10 anny cobra wheels 411 gear control arms all of this was done at 73k. I have a set of cobra r wheels w fairly new tires and a new 355 gear that goes w it. The paint is great shines like a new penny has the normal were on bumper cover and just behind wheels feel free to call me 2705641046 I can tex pictures. I would llik $7000 for it. Im locater in. Benton Ky 42025 thanks steven$ IMG_0470.jpg IMG_0470.jpg IMG_0540.jpg IMG_0470.jpg IMG_0470.jpg IMG_0540.jpg
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  2. do you have any engine bay photos and interior photos im interested !
  4. 2014-07-09_07-54-26_989.jpg 2014-07-09_07-54-26_989.jpg 2014-07-09_07-54-26_989.jpg 2014-07-09_07-54-26_989.jpg
  5. interior pictures and would you take 6000 and a case of beer?
  6. Ah... another member of the @5.0Droptop School of Photography and Wizardry. :D
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  7. Subscribing, waiting for the interior pics
  8. Just was wondering if you still had your mustang for sale?
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