Mach 1 89 octane gas make mach1 run better?

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by STP, Aug 22, 2004.

  1. I just purchased a 03 mach1 with a five speed two weeks ago when i traded in my 03 GT. I had been running 93 octane like the dealer told me to with a DOHC motor but it is so expensive so I tried 89 octane to try to save money and my car is running much stronger for some reason now. I just wonder if any body else has had the same experience. I dont want do damage the engine. Thanks for any input. Oh and I wish I had bought a mach1 long ago, this thing will smoke my 03 GT I used to have . What a awesome car!
  2. Just a hunch, but ...

    I'd assume that Ford's engine programming is similar to GM's , and would cause the timing to be retarded if knocks are detected.

    Thus , regular will work, but potentially give lesser performance.

    I took the HPP III off my car to start switching between Super & Regular in an effort to save a few Green backs :nice: - seems to be O.K. so far.

    Does the manual state that you are supposed to use Super ?

    What's the C.R. on the Mach ? Ls1 = 10.2:1 .

    Later !

  3. [QUOTE='99 T/A]
    Does the manual state that you are supposed to use Super ?

    What's the C.R. on the Mach ? Ls1 = 10.2:1 .[/QUOTE]

    I want to say that it does say to use 91+ Octane in the manual for our cars, I'm not 100%, but I can check it out on my lunchbreak today. I just get Chevron 93 Supreme and be done with it. CR on Mach is 10.1:1
    I know my GT pinged like hell on 87 Octane but then I bumped the timing and switched to premium the pining went away.
  4. Welp, i just checked, the manual says basically the engine is designed to run premium 91+ octane fuel and the use of lower octane may degrad performance.
  5. I'd recommend that you spend the extra couple of bucks to use the 93 octane. Any perceived improved performance is merely an illusion on your part. Running 89 over an extended period will have detrimental effects on the engine, over time.
  6. I have always been told that if you can afford the car that requires 91+ that you can afford the gas to drive it.
    Makes sense to me.

    I for one dont want to do anything that can cause damage to my all aluminum engine. When I was a kid, such an engine was only considered in Indy/Formula cars.
  7. I agree I only run 91+ in mine it says premium only right there in the guage cluster it dosent cost that much more than 89 anyway as long as your not running the dog crap out of the car you'll be ok. I drive pretty docile around town and get into the occasional stoplight drag and I get pretty go gas mialage so buyin 91 don't bother me much