8inch rear value

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  1. Hello all,

    I have a used complete 8inch rear end from a 65 V8 coupe that I am going to sell to a friend doing a I6 to V8 conversion. It does need to be rebuilt with new bearings and maybe a new gear. However, it is complete with brakes and shock mounts. I want to work out a deal that is fair for both of us. Thanks for any input!

  2. about a 100 to 150. I assume its a open unit and not posi.
  3. Up here in New England, they typically go for $200-$300 because they are so popular for street rods also.
  4. Thanks for the posts. I was thinking around 300 because I have all the parts including brakes and attaching hardware. And yes, it is an open unit with ford 3.25 gears.