SOLD 8lg Computer For 1988 Mustang 5.0l Gt Convertible W/auto Trans E8zf-12a650-g2b

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  1. The computer pictured was taken off a 1988 Ford Mustang V8 5.0L Automatic Transmission Convertible. The computer program code is 8LG which is similarly compatable with other makes and models of mustangs of the same year range. The vehicle was in dissasembly and I am unable to detirmine if computer is functioning properly, although I doubt its messed up. I am assuming the blown out tires were reason for leaving car to become a parts car.
    Asking $125.00
    I live in the LA area in CA, so local pickups are cool, mail will be sorted out with buyer.

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  2. This may help:

    8LD= 88 5.0 HO California Automatic
    8LG= 90 5.0 HO California Automatic
    A3M= 89 5.0 HO T5
    A3M1= 92/93 5.0 HO T5
    A9L= 89/92 5.0 HO T5
    A9M= 89/93 5.0 HO T5
    A9P= 89/92 5.0 HO Automatic
    A9S= 89/92 5.0 HO California T5
    C3W= 91 5.0 HO Automatic
    C3W1= 92/93 5.0 HO Automatic
    D3D1= 91/93 5.0 HO Automatic
    J4J1= 94/95 Cobra
    PC1= 85/86 SVO
    PE= 85/86 SVO
    PF2= 87/88 Turbo Coupe T5
    PF3= 87/88 Turbo Coupe T5
    PK= 87/88 Turbo Coupe Automatic
    PK1= 87/88 Turbo Coupe Automatic
    S0Z= 89 5.0 HO Automatic
    T4MO= 94 5.0 HO T5
    U4PO= 95 5.0 HO T5
    W4HO= 94/95 5.0 HO Automatic
    X3Z= 93 Cobra
    ZAO= 94/95 5.0 HO T5
  3. @Noobz347 I also have an 8CB computer off an 06/89 mustang hardtop automatic transmission 4cylinder mustang. Do you have a list for those series mustangs with 4 Cylinders?
  4. What's the full number off of the EEC?
  5. Looks like it's off of a Bronco. It's a speed density computer though.

    8CB 5.0 Bronco, F-x50 E-x50 SD-Bank

    I'll PM you the entire list that I have.
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