9:50am 15people viewing!!

Discussion in 'Regional Forums and Event Information' started by lamrith, Mar 3, 2004.

  1. YEHAA!!! Closest other forums were Northeast and Southwest with 6 HAHA SLACKERS!!

    Rest of the boonieville regions had like 2 viewing.. :notnice:

  2. I agree... dork :nonono: however... :hail2: we rock! yeah, go NW Forums!
  3. 10:12pm, still 11 people viewing....

    I logg on here at 3-4 am sometimes and there are still 2-3 others on!

    We kick a$$.....

    :D :rlaugh:

  4. well, I have no life :nonono: so I'm always on :D AIM too... if any of you ever need advice :D
  5. yeah it's 3:40 AM 3-4-04 i see theres 4 including myself on here
  6. 7:35 AM 6 ppl viewing including my self.
  7. it's just because we are cooler, oh yeah and we's is mo' tecnolical advanced than dem dere southerners :D
  8. heay know dont be knocking us southerner'speace

  9. I beleive he was referring to the deep dirty southerners... not the southern washingtonionersinersish..whatevertheyarecalled... :shrug: so you have nothing to worry about... that is unless you have a guilty concious!
  10. YES I was refering to other REGIONS on stangnet, not here locally.
  11. yeeup, dems is in da deep souf.... MISSOURAH!! * hic, ..*... up * *