9" Ends On 8.8

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by robert fugate, Apr 4, 2014.

  1. you will have to use drums that fit the nine inch rear end, not the stock 8.8. the ends are different bolt patterns.
  2. Do you have a need for this....because most people here keep their 8.8 as is. Very few change out to a 9"
  3. you can get 9" style ends with an 8.8 pattern. which is what i have on mine
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  4. I have the same 8.8 ends but if i did it over again i would go to a larger bearing style end and just redrill my brake brackets.

    If you used the moser 8.8 bolt pattern end it will allow you to just bolt your drum backing plate up with no issues though
  5. prob do the that if i ever break the 31's in the car now
  6. Yeah upgrading axle with a spool dont want cclips. Dont want to have to do it twice
  7. srtthis that is exactly what i was talking about!
  8. Ok this might be a dumb question but I'm about to possibly order the 9" ends But me being me i always try to do everything myself. To keep the 9" ends perfectly straight I was thinking of building a jig to straight edge of the front and square off that for the 9" ends. and measure from the straight edge to the axle tubes to make sure they are perfect aswell. Am I crazy to think this would work? There are no shops around here that I know of that could weld this the proper way.

  9. you need a jig to do it right... it rides on the carrier bearings and the outer bearings ride on it to keep the ends inline.
  10. What he said^^ If you don't use a jig you will end up with a lawn ornament or scrap metal...