1. Well folks I was woundering what would it take to get a 3v to hit the 9's...Even its a high nine like a 9.8-9.9 in the quarter...Its gotta be done on spray...and the catch is it needs to be able to be driven daily...Its not going to be a daily driver, its going to be a weekend toy that drives to the track and back to the house...Any thoughts or suggestions. Thanks...More thank likely being done on a auto trans...
  2. Suggestions...Will check back tommarow I guess.
  3. Check out MMR. They will have everything you need
  4. My boss has a 2010 GT 3V with a JDM stroker motor, ported heads, TVS blower (you could substitute nitrous), automatic, streetable suspension, and drag radials. The car runs 9.90s @ 133 with short times around 1.35. And you can drive around on pump gas.