Mach 1 9" wheels for 2004 Mach1

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  1. I'm in the market for 9" wheels for my 2004 Mach1. Could you guys give me some ideas of where to look please, preferably with links?

    Also, the Mach is white and I'd like to see a website that would show me what white wheels (or any other wheel for that matter) would look like on it?

    I've tried some searches, but there is a ton of links to cull and I'm not certain which companies are good to deal with. I trust you guys, so I'll let you lead me in the right direction.

    Thx in advance for your replies.

  2. I just went on E-bay afew years back and got my AFS chrome Mach 1 replicas. I got the 17X9 rims. They just started making the 17X10.5 deep dish rear rims again, which to me is no big deal but alot of other people would kill for them. People were selling just the rear rims for $800. Now that AFS is making them again I think you can get a set of 4 for $600 or so. Their out of stock right now but if you go over to Mach 1 Registry I'm sure you can go to the tire/rim section and get better help.
  3. Thx for the reply. I do like that AFS wheel.

    Is the 255/50ZR17 101W ORBL BFGoodrich KDWS the tire that fits a 9" wheel?
  4. I'm not a tire expert, but to me that would be the minimum I would want to put on a 9" rim. ('03-'04 Cobra's come stock with 17X9 rim with 255's on them) That's rediculous they don't have a bigger 17" size. Honestly, unless your absolutely sold on that tire I'd look for a tire you could put at least 265-275 all the way around. I've got Toyo 265/40's. I wanted a 275, but they jumped to a 285 size, which I did'nt want that big on all 4's so I settled for the 265. I had a set of Toyo's before and really liked them, so I got another set when I got the 9" rims.
  5. What you dont like the AFS wheels ? How dare you!! LOL:nono:
  6. Thanks for the help - The Mach1 has new shoes

    I ended up going with a local tire dealer who fit the Mach1 with 275 Nitto555 rubber on 9x17 CobraR wheels. Thanks for your assistance.

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