'90 2.3 windshield wipers slow death...

Discussion in '2.3L (N/A & Turbo) Tech' started by belewmoon, May 22, 2005.

  1. Started raining, fired up the wipers. They worked for a while & then suddenly slowed down & then stopped! Drove in the rain squinting thru windshield. Not Fun!!! Parked car. Got back in hour later, still raining, fired up wipers, worked but very slow. 15 seconds later, wipers stopped & won't work. Doesn't sound like fuse as they are intermittent. Wiper motor maybe? Any other ideas?
  2. I'm thinking wiper motor, if so, its an easy fix and easy to do. :)
  3. Yeah, your wiper motor is dead. Same thing happened to me several years ago. Easy fix, but try to find a used motor as I figure a new one is probably not cheap.
  4. I was lucky, the replacement one I got from CarQuest didn't work. So they ordered me another one overnight. The first one was a rebuilt one, the second was a brand new one :banana: It is a pretty straight on job though at least if its a fox.
  5. You may want to check or replace the wiper switch. I think they have a circuit breaker inside, and they can fail and open up in use. Then the wipers quit. There is also a module called the interval governor in the circuit, that controls the speed and timing on the interval settings.

    Replacement of the switch fixed this problem on my old Bronco.

    Let us know if the motor fixes it.

  6. What he said.....That happened to mine on the highway in like a damn monsoon.
  7. Well, when mine died, the wipers would work slowly, and then keep slowing down until they stopped. I got a motor off a junked car a guy had up the road that actually turned out to be siezed up, but I took it apart, put some grease in there and got everything broke loose, and it's worked ever since.
  8. It is raining again today. Had to use the wipers for 15 minutes. They worked fine. Problem is definitely intermittent. Don't want to get stuck in a Monsoon anytime soon with no wipers...