Expired 90 7 up project car 9000$

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  1. Thinking of selling my project due to the amount of time I actually get to work on. Basically I am working on completely redoing the car. I redid the underneath and engine bay with por15. Suspension has koni da shocks, hr springs, eibach swaybars, mm cc plates and rear lca, rebuilt shortblock with over 2g in it. Rebuilt t5, rebuilt rearend 373 gearing 5 lug disk on all 4 cobra spec in front, I have all sorts of parts in this, body has dings, needs engiƱe/interior/ exterior finished to be 100% perfect. This is a really nice car that is nearing finish. I have way more invested in it then I'm asking. Message me or call text 4406665721. I can get more pics upon request

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  2. Please post pics of item per the guidelines for this forum.

  3. what are you selling for 9g
  4. Everything goes for 9,000
  5. Location is columbus OH
  6. Yea I see no problem with that. I could sell it piece by piece and get that or maybe more.
  7. If I were adamant about getting $9k for that, I'd probably part it out.
  8. Yea I would hate to rip apart all the work I did to it though....I am in no rush to sell it, either I do or I finish it off. I would not turn down any decent offers for it. But I know it is hard to sell something for the price I want for something that does not run....
  9. you part it let me know. got a last few pieces i need...
  10. I decided I will take 7,500 for everything if anyone is interested...I will remove this post in few weeks if not sold. Thats less then half of what I invested....
  11. Here is alot better right up on it....Im sure I am still missing a few items

    This is my 7 up mustang project car. I bought this car in 2009 drove it for about 10,000 miles installed a new convetible top and then started to restore it. I disasembled the complete underbody and engine bay and coated it with por15. I also welded in full length subframe connectors. and reinforced the battle boxes and control arm mounts. I restored the fuel tank and also coated it with por15 and installed a walbro 255lph fuel pump. all the brake/ fuel lines are coated in por15. The underbody looks imaculate. I regbuilt the rearend swapping the 2.73 gears for 3.73 and installed 95 5 lug axles with rebuilt gt brakes. the rear suspension I redid also with H and R springs, Koni DA shocks, eibach swaybar, and Maxiumum motors sports LCA and bumpstop. For the front suspension I installed a Kenny brown K member also with H and R springs, Koni DA shocks and stock control arms with urethane bushings and new ball joints, Eibach sway bar, I boxed in the sway bar body mounts and welded in studs to mount the swaybar, I did the 5 lug swap up front with spindles from a 95gt and installed 14'' cobra R brakes with red powder coated calipers. that come with braided steel lines, I also installed a axle to body MM braided line in the rear and completed the brake plumbing in the rear. I have a Wilwood proportion valve not installed yet. For brake plumbing the front brakes need plumbed and the rear line needs plumbed from the fender area to the mastercylinder. The master cylinder and brakebooster is rebuilt from a 93 cobra mustang. The engine bay I sodablasted before painting and also covered the A/C inlet in the bulkhead along with a few holes. I bought a shortblock that was completed by a machine shop with stock cleaned up crank. Eagle H beam rods, SRP flat top forged pistons. Engine was line honed bored .040 over, cracked checked ect... I have a brand new Ford F cam. New Moroso 7qt dual sump oil pan, with matching pick up, fordracing oil pump ARP oil shaft, gasket with steel inserts, new oil pan bolts. I Converted this car from an automatic I installed the clutch pedal assembly, completely rebuilt a T5 for it. I have taken the interior out minuus the dash to restore it, the exterior is a little rough with a few ding and a rear fender flare dented. New top and hardware.
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