90 7UP vert-any idea of value?

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by wgungho, Apr 28, 2004.

  1. I have a 7UP vert with 50k original miles, excellent shape, new Ford top and new correct paint. Clean carfax. Everything works. My wife bought this car from a family member, we don't drive it, and I'd like the room in the garage for my Saleen. I have no idea of value, and I'd appreciate any knowledgeable input concerning a price for the car. I've seen such a wide range of prices on the net, from $2,500 to $14,000 with varying condition and mileage. I've seen 5.0 LX verts on eBay with similar mileage go for $7-10k. What's reasonable, considering a $1,000 top and $3,000 paint.
    Thanks for iny info.
  2. hello,i just bought a 90 5.0 convert 7-up.$4500. 118k clean carfax,mechanically almost perfect,original paint(after 3 step mothers a nice 20 footer)new top(but black)original white leather interior but typical wear and cracks,needs to be redone.no rust.i've seen a couple on ebay in this type of shape go for 4500. to 5500. if yours is nicer especially considering the low miles should command alot more.
  3. one of my favs! I would say around $10,000 depending on how nice it really is. New paint and top only keep it at its original value, it won't add anything to the price.
  4. i have a 7-up too.. once you try selling it, you'll realize there really isn't a good market for them. I see a bunch listed for $10k plus, but the ads have been up for years, and they aren't actually selling.

    i'd take $3000 cash for mine [​IMG] or a trade for a hardtop or hatch... i just dont like convertibles...
  5. there really isn't a huge market for them, you can prob. get 7k if someone knows what you have.
  6. well.. mine isn't that good. It LOOKS good, but when i bought it, it had a small hit on the front that bent the core support a little. I fixed it all using aftermarket parts (a HUGE mistake) and after that the hood and front bumper cover dont align well at all. And the car has 130k miles and the power steering pump is leaking.

    Oh ya, and while it was parked on the street outside my house, someone hit the left front fender, and i still haven't fixed it. stupid hit and runs...