Engine 90-Installing used heads on 331


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Feb 10, 2019
I have a DSS 331 short block which I purchased a few years back and am finally around to building it up. I plan to transfer some Gt40x 64cc heads from my stock 5.0 engine which have 35k on them. Was wondering as I plan to reinstall them, what should be checked/replaced on the old heads prior to installing them on the new block. The heads have seen just light street duty, so I know they haven't been abused and prefer to reuse them. Also im planning to carry over my cam, is it recommened

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SN Certified Technician
Aug 8, 2003
Take them to the machine shop for a valve job, and have the springs checked.
Any reputable machine shop will go over them completely.
It's very worth it with gt40x, they aren't the best out of the box.

Don't go nuts, they aren't worth porting.
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