90 Lx Convertable Rear Window Motor Replacement

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  1. Hi I need to replace my motors for rear windows, does anyone have any helpful tips?
  2. Man its been a long time since ive done one. Not too bad of a job though, if I remember correctly. Id just make sure that you replace the plastic dowels that hold the gears in place, youll see what im talking about when you take the metal gear off to transfer it to the new motor, you can get the dowels in a kit at most parts stores.
    Like I said, not real bad, take your time and pay attention to what your doing.
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  3. Easy peasy lemon squeazy

    Remove the rear lower seat- push in with your knee and lift up
    Remove the rear panels - i think 3 screws
    remove the 3 bolts that hold the motor
    unplug the wiring plug for the motor
    If you are simply replacing motors. put some grease on the gears and lube the track and bushings for the channel
    IF you rebuilding the old one- remove the cover off the old one, wipe out all the old grease and old plastic bushings and replace them with three 1/4 x 20 nuts- they will never break down and cause that rap rap rap problem with the plastic bushings. repack with grease, grease the gear.
    Install the motor
    Test window
    repeat on other side
    reinstall interior panel
    reinstall seat
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  4. Sounds good that's this weekends project thanks.