'90 LX Mustang convertible 2.3L transmission replacement help!!!

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Will the replacement transmission worK?

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  1. possible with wiring modifications

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  2. I need to return the transmission and try to get my core back

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  1. I recently bought a '90 LX Mustang convertible 2.3L and the transmission went out soon afterwards.

    The automatic transmission That was taken out of it I assume was the A4LD. I found another transmission for it at a Auto Recycling place, for $350.00 with a 1 year warranty. This replacement was supposedly also out of a '90 mustang.

    I had a friend take out the old one for me, and put in this other one.

    I have a couple of issues I need advice on:

    The car was made in October of 1990 and had a three wire transmission in it.
    The replacement only had two wires. Is it possible to still get the overdrive to work?

    The other issue I am having is that the replacement transmission, from what my friend told me fits different. It was pretty noisy when I drove it home, so I just parked it. Is it possible that the two wire transmission is longer than the three wire version?

    I need the car to get back and forth to work, but at this point is is pretty much un-driveable. I can live without the overdrive, as it seems to shift fine 1st through 3rd gear. It's the noises I am concerned with at this point in time.

    Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  2. what are the noises it is making?
  3. Noises the car makes while driving after A4ld transmission swap

    The noises my car is making when I drove it sounded like the driveshaft is rubbing on something underneath(from what I can tell it's after the transmission). It is also making one other high pitchednoise that appears to be like a thin plate or flange up against something (torque converter or something possibly).

    Thank you for your response.
  4. my 1st guess on the rubbing would be the exhaust pipe is rubbing the drive shaft (or the muffler is touching). that happened to me. the exhaust switches over to drivers side past the trans, and a hangar mount is part for the trans and exhaust - chances are the hangar on the exhaust was not put back in the trans swap - which could cause the pipe / muffler / to rub and be in wrong place, or supported.

    the other noise could be the guilotine plate (or plate tht covers the bottom of the front of the transmission - they get bent and sometimes rub the converter as the engine spins. most of the time they don't get put back on for these reasons, plus they can be a pain.

    start there.
  5. Those definitely sound entirely possible. I will check it out this weekend when I have time.

    Thanks again!