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  1. Like it says, if noone comes to pick the car up by tonight its getting parted. let me know your needs.

  2. Exterior is for sale to. parting the entire car...Let me know what you need.
  3. How about a location and price?
  4. fort hood,tx. i was waiting for a parts request to give a price instead of listing every little piece. everything inside and out is for sale. let me know what you need.
  5. underhood AC stuff, head/fog/taillights gone. lots of stuff left. i know someone needs something:rolleyes:
  6. Seats front and rear, shipped to 35754?
  7. 250 for the seats. Ill have to check on shipping, i believe that would fall under freight.
  8. email sent
  9. How much would you ask for the door panels shipped to 06418?
  10. th door panels arent in perferct shape. i could send u some pics if you want.
  11. is the e-brake handle working properly? if so, how much for it? and shipped to 78574....email me to [email protected]...


  12. Sure, let's see what's wrong... WilliamCoolahan at yahoo dot com
  13. Roller thingy for the hatchback area? Only if its in good shape. Shipping to 28314
  14. hey how much for the arm rests & pads shipped to a business address in baltimore, md 21212? you can email me @ [email protected]
  15. I am looking for the front seat belt bolt covers where the end bolts to the floor and the sleeves where the buckle reciever bolts to the tranny hump...I am in Houston 77062.
  16. Brake pedal assembly shipped to Fl 33029.
    pm me as I'm not here that often,
  17. how much for the instrument cluster? and shipping to 78411
  18. oh sorry and your sunroof assembly? with shipping to 78411??
  19. anyone get any responses? im wondering if parts are still available.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.