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  1. non here :shrug:
  2. Parts are still available. I don't get out of the field until wensday so I can only get on via my phone... Sorry, wensday I will respond with prices including shipping and will beable to ship the out by Thursday/Friday.
  3. Need both front fog lights, I dont care if they work. Shipped to Rock Hill, SC29730. Will you PM me on these if you have them THANKS!!!!!
  4. are you still selling parts?
  5. i'm interested in the interior trim. all the Plastic parts in the hatch area, center console, door seals and kick panels under the dash.

    send me a pm on this site or you could e mail me at [email protected] with how much you would want for the parts and i may want some photos taken of the parts before i buy them.
    i'm not in any rush so when ever you get back from the field i've been stationed at ft. hood so i know how it goes.
  6. do you still have the center console? If so how much do you want for it? Send me a text 219-308-4041. My name is Steve
  7. Car has been sold as a roller. Thanks
  8. What computer is in it? how much shipped to 55303
  9. did you sell the seats?
  10. hoodrich racing

    how much for the cluster rear inner 1/4 panels and rear seat belts. plus shipping to 10469.
  11. So I assume by this statement that everything is gone? or did you pull the interior parts before it was sold, IE anything left for sale?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.