90mm Throttle Body........overkill

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  1. Hello all,

    I've always thought that a 70mm is about all you'll ever need for a street car. Any of you run a 90mm out there?

    William Kramer
  2. An n/a 5.0 has no need for a 90mm TB. I think the box r's have 90s and the downs box may also but those are meant for skyhigh revving motors and boosted cars
  3. there is no need for something that big
  4. exactly because its all high-end power. What about a n/a 347 ?
  5. unless it has a power adder (supercharger or turbo) then it will be over kill.
  6. Might as well throw a 4" exhaust on there as well and throw all the low end torque out the motor.
  7. Unless it's a 408stroker with a big turbo making 1000 hp no need for it.
  8. All of you are wrong go do some research.
  9. ^ I'm just talking about 302s. Well aware that there are many N/A motors using much larger throttle bodies than what is considered "big" on 5.0 (ls1 is a good example)
  10. Id run a 90mm all day on a 302.
  11. I got other things to do.
  12. Highly depends on combo...
  13. Agreed.
  14. I run a 90, 8.2 deck, dont rev that high(6400 rpms), and have plenty of power everywhere in the curve.