90s roller engine going in my 64 mustang

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  1. What's up stangnet. So today is the day I put my roller in the stang. 1990 mustang lx 302 motor bored 40 over, trickflow stage 2 cam 542/563, ported/polished e7 heads w 2.02/160 vavles.

    Oh ok heres my question. I'm still running a stock suspension. Manual steering. Would i have to use a diffrent oil pan? or could i use the old chrome one i have or clean up the oem one and use that?
    I currently have a 70s 302 with the sump in the front in he car now.

    Just finished removing some things of the old block... Im off to build the hoist.. Be right back
    Here's a few beginning pics image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg
  2. if you have the stock suspension you will need a front sump pan
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  3. you can use the front sump oil pan you have now along with the attendant pick up.
  4. May want to Re consider that tfs 2 cam...it's way too much for the heads and week probably set u back more than forward

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  5. I 2nd the cam concerns, that cam on a 302 will have no low range, and heads won't flow enough to get the top end out of the cam...I also didn't realize you could do 2.02/1.6 valves in an e7 head, thought 1.9 was about the limit.
  6. What rear end gears and transmission are you going to use? Lots of lift for a 2.79 open rear end.....
  7. I only got the stocks done up until I can save up for the twisted wedge heads and roller rocker set up.. Hopefully in About a month or so.

    Plus it's a weekend car.
  8. There's a thread on corral.net . A guy is running a set of 2.000/1.54. Normally 1.90/1.60 vavles are used on these 5.0 forums. I used 1piece stainless steel, undercut swirl polished
  9. I'm running a built c4 with b&m shift kit and a b&m 2500 stall.. Gears 3:55 limited slip
  10. The other cam I had in the older 302 was a edelbrock Hydraulic Flat Tappet cam, Lift .472/.496 and the car ran great with a torker 2.

    What im planning to run is a rpm air gap intake with the roller motor.
  11. Out with the old.. 70 Torino 302 sbf

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  12. Ported e7 with new vavles

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  13. Coming along nicely, but don't you think you will be a bit under geared? I'm running the Performer RPM cam in my 68/289 with a T5.
    At 70 mph, I'm not even into the power band, and need to down shift to pass somebody..
  14. So I ran into this problem.. The 70s block had a 13 1/4 flex plate and the 90s 5.0 one is 14 1/4... What the heck lol.. image.jpg
  15. if it has the correct valvetrain it will be fine.

    when you increase lobe area or cross section you lower airspeed in the port if everything else remains constant.

    the smaller/lower flowing port needs lobe area more than a large port does on a given cylinder to support a given rpm. its all about target airspeed. and its a combination of port cross section and lobe area that determines the airspeed at the predetermined rpm and cylinder displacement. you can do a 2.02, it will physically fit, but it is shrouded by the cylinder wall a lot due to production valve placement.
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  16. the 90s flexplate is a 50oz balance 164t. the early stuff was 28 oz 157t in the small bell c4s. so what you need is a 50oz balance with the same tooth count as the '70, which happens to be 157t. they are everywhere. try summit. 50 oz 157 tooth.
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  17. Thanks for the info! I just got out to lunch and I'm going to call summit or look it up online..
  18. image.jpg
    Quick update pic..
    Another question tho.. Mechanic or electric pump.? I previously had a edelbrock mechanical pump but I noticed the 90s timing cover didn't have a access to use mechanical obviously because of the EFI.

    The cover on the 70s looks identical, could I use it after a good cleaning and inspection ?

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  19. The timing cover and front accessories from your old Motor will all swap in
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  20. The eccentric is different. Is it possible to swap these too if I went mechanical? image.jpg image.jpg