90s roller engine going in my 64 mustang

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  1. yes, swap them.
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  2. So I'm getting my new 50oz flex plate to fit my transmission today. Excited to finally get closer to completing my project. Another thing I noticed was that I would be able to use the old aluminum 3pc ford racing pulley set because the crank pulley is 3 bolts and the 90s motor has a 4 blot harmonic balancer. :/ image.jpg

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  3. I sorry I meant I would not be able to use the old pulley set
  4. Well, with the pulleys, you can either get a new crank pulley, or a new damper. Summit has a damper for $76 that's drilled for 3 & 4 bolt pulleys.
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  5. Don't forget the redneck solution to blocking of your origional dip stick hole when fitting the early sump, a .38 S&W cartridge shell.


    Mine has been there for 11 years. Pardon the blured pic.

    Tip, ensure its not live.:rolleyes:

    Cheers from Australia.
  6. well if a 38 will fit a 9mm should too! :D
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  7. Great idea! Thanks, I was just thinking about how I would clog that dipstick hole.
    Thanks for the pic too
  8. I'm gonna look into that.. Has anyone or is it possible to re-drill the holes on the crank?
  9. I got my flex plate Saturday from summitracing but I haven't had a chance to install it. I had my son this weekend so tonight or tomorrow it's going in!

    How Long is the SFI good for? image.jpg
  10. It's a PRW 13 1/4, 157tooth with a 50oz external balance weight image.jpg

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