'91 5.0 H.O. OEM Cam Specs!!!

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by tjm73, Jun 22, 2005.

  1. I finally found some meaningful OEM camshaft specs for our beloved 5.0. Figured I'd post this so people can have it for comparison. I found the info in a Car Craft article tucked in a picture caption.

    '91 5.0 HO Cam:
    208/212 duration @ .050
    266/276 advertised duration @ .006
    115.5 Centerline
    .445" lift with 1.6 rockers (.278" at the lobe)
  2. These cams are all over the place spec wise......i have seen anywhere from 260/260/206/206/444/444
    all the way to 270/214/444

    the only thing that remains constant, kinda.....is the lift.

    and the lsa is all over too, from 112 for some, to 118 for others.....

    who knows really.......
  3. I know the previous H.O. cams are 266/266 and .444/.444
  4. Is that good?
  5. Duration @.050" is all over the place.I`ve heard this mentioned by a few who have measured different stock 5.0L roller cams,including a cam grinder whose name I can`t remember at the moment.

    Crane Cams told me a while back that the 85-88 roller cams were [email protected]"[email protected]"
    89-93 roller cams were [email protected]"[email protected]"

    However every cam will not measure out exactly to these "official" specs.If you found two stock cams lying around and measured them,they are likely to each read different figures. :notnice:

    Sloppy quality control and cheap cam cores unfortunately. :shrug: