'91 5.0 needs new clutch

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  1. My 1991 5.0 LX has around 92,000 miles and the original clutch, and it's time to get a new one. The clutch pedal is very heavy and it shifts like junk. I have to mash the pedal to the floorboard and put it in 5th before I can go to reverse, if I don't, it grinds. I am looking for help on which is the best clutch for the money, reliability, and durability. I plan for my car to be in the 300-350 hp range as well. Thanks.
  2. king cobra is a great clutch, especially for the price. centerforce dual friction is an even better clutch with less pedal effort but costs a bit more. both will hold 300-350hp. sounds like you might need a new clutch cable as well.
  3. I personally don't like the king cobra clutch on my car. It was cheap but wore out too fast. Currently I have the centerforce dual friction and this is the best clutch I have ever had. My buddy also has it in his 03 cobra and its awsome. Highly reccomend it.

  4. ive had a king cobra and i hated it. as stated above it wore out way to fast. but if ya want a good clutch but there a little more pricey get a fidanza clutch. i had one in my 300 rwhp gt and abused it badly for a little over a year and its rock solid still.
  5. wow, seems like people dont like the king cobra, but i think its a nice bang for the buck
  6. A good bang for the buck is the King Cobra for around $180.

    A softer pedal is the Centerforce Gold Class (same class as King Cobra), Stage II and Dual Friction.

    I have had both kinds, and prefer the Centerforce ($300 though), for the softer pedal.
  7. I have a king cobra as well. Never had an issue. It's good for a mild set up :nice:
  8. I've had a king cobra on my lx hatch for 3 years or so and abuse the hell out of hit. Even put a 125 shot to it at the track, holds it all. Good bang for the buck!

    I just put a Stage II Spec in my 93gt on fri, with no testdrive at all I drove it to spokane, managed at 14.73, burnouts, and smoke shows, drove it back on sunday and works awesome still!!! So much for the 450mile break-in time... little more spendy though.

  9. I just put a centerforce dual friction in my 93 gt and it definitely hooks up now it spins on the 2nd - 3rd shift and chirps the 3rd - 4th shift with my street tires my old king cobra couldnt hold like that
  10. I think the king cobra is a good deal for the money...and it is a solid clutch. I think if i were going to build a mild street car and not intend to race it/launch it on sticky tires....it will probably be fine for you. If you have bigger aspirations for the car i would step up to a stronger clutch. I am currently running the Spect Stage II and i love that clutch. The pedal action is very precise (almost hydraulic like) and it grabs like crazy. I think if i didnt get the spec i would have gotten the centerforce dual friction. The one complaint i have about the spec is the heavy pedal. It does become tiresome in traffic...and i hear the centerforce is lighter. Either one of those two will really wake your car up!
  11. Not sure what your money situation is but you might consider just replacing the cable and adjusting the clutch to see where that leaves you. I've melted a couple of cable jackets and then they will rust and get hard to operate over time. Get a Ford OEM and aftermarket firewall adj and quadrant
  12. I always like the CFDX. I have done 3 Mustang clutch jobs...(all my personal cars) That is the only clutch I have used...I love it.
  13. SVT - Are you talking about the lightweight version of the dual friction?
  14. I've got the FRPP Heavy Duty clutch, I paid $165 for it about 2 years ago, and it is a great clutch. It is supposed to be similar to the King Cobra, but a little more pedal effort. It's also cheaper.

    Your reverse should grind even with a good clutch and cable unless you stick it in another gear first because there are no syncros in reverse, unless they are in a 91 tranny and I just don't know. I have an 85 with a T-5 and that's always been the case for me.