91 5.0 VS. 96 4.6

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  1. Exaggeration explains it all...

    I race my car "as is"...I don't strip it down just to get a faster time...what you see me race at the track is how you would see it on the street...a realistic time...instead of saying before we race..."Can I take out my spare tire and jack and let me burn off some gas first...is that okay?"

    Again the exaggeration explains it all...

    I would say the lightest Gt's weigh in at around 3200lbs...though they weigh 300lbs heavier (not on average)...in this case...it has the car outgeared and outpowered with better suspension, more room, etc...

    I beat ls1's in my 2000...does that mean I got a faster car...and they "looked" like they were going all out...but you can always tell when he is slowly falling back that something isn't right...

    Well I got a 93 so A/C is not an option :nice:

    A 93 Cobra is an Lx hatch...with a body kit... :)

    That is the point...there is no car that equals a "stripper" 5.0 in weight...which is the only reason why a 5.0 can hang with the newer 4.6...

    Dang I thought the Accord was fast :nonono:

    Look threw the thread to find out about the accusations...it's called "twisting the words"...Anybody up for a game of Twister?

    An Officer in the Army and getting in a childish argument with me?...hmm....
  2. Hmm... with the exception of the level of gas, that's the way I drive around, too :)

    Try racing one from a highway roll-on, and it will just walk away, though. The difference between a GT and an LS1 isn't in the same league as the difference between a 5.0 and a 99+GT. The LS1s run between 106 and 109mph traps and anywhere from 12.9s (So, I hear) to 13.5s depending on options, transmissions etc... The best I've seen a verified stock one go is [email protected]

    Anyway, the point is that your slower LS1s at 106mph are still trapping 4 mph faster than your fastest GTs whereas the slowest GTs are not trapping any faster than the fastest LXs.... at least not in my opinion.


    I guess you could say that. You could also say that the GT is an LX hatch with a body kit. Neither of them are classified as LXs, though.

    Couldn't agree more.

    According to the hole in the muffler, it thinks it's fast, too!

    Absolutely. Everybody has to have a hobby that they're passionate about. This is mine.


  3. That is my point exactly...try racing a 99+ Gt from a highway roll...what I have "experienced" is the same type :spot: goes on...

    Thats cool...

  4. 5spd GT are you working a night shift or something? You always seem to be on when I work my Graveyards at work.
  5. Nah...man I just have no life :nonono: ...I'm just at the house...usually watching TV while I'm on the net... :nice:

  6. I guess I was stretching it when I said 99-101. That said, I know what I've seen, and I've been to the track enough to be credible. I've seen 5spd GT coupes (not convertibles, mind you) that I know were bone stock make good runs that were as slow as 98mph and as fast as 102.

    Here are the requested results....http://forums.stangnet.com/showthread.php?t=504728. I think the responses to your post were especially interesting. I guess this kinda makes the races I mentioned in my old stock 5.0 more believable, eh?
  7. 98mph is not a good run...and that doesn't prove anything to me...I know what they do...just wait till some of the better drivers respond...don't take the responses as "that is it" type answers...wait till some more show up in there...
  8. I believed your races 100%...but you beat the drivers...like I said if everything where equal...the 99+ Gt would come out on top...but we can't all have a perfect world huh?
  9. you two should settle this **** in person. who would win that
  10. You got to learn to not take things like this personal...me and Chris are fine...just a disagreement...everytime you argue with someone do you break their jaw?
  11. Nah, just in it for the argument bud. Some day he'll get another stock 99+ GT and I'll get another stock 5.0 and we'll race, but until then I'm perfectly happy internet racing :D :rlaugh: :lol:

  12. 5.0 Hands Down
  13. In a perfect world :nice: but for everything else there is Walgreens :)
  14. 5.0 stock for stock all day long!!!
  15. lol

  16. Thanks for the support, bud! Better late than never :rlaugh:
  17. I just had to quote this, i know its old but it was a such a good laugh LOL oh god. :rlaugh: you really dont know how horsepower/torque works do you? "build horsepower". :lol: the 96-96 GT's didnt rev much higher at all, actually the powerband was very similar to the 5.0, especially from 3200-5200 where most of the racing would be taking place, except it had about 7-10 less RWHP. and how much does a 58mm MAF really "choke" a 60mm TB? I do agree that the speed density vehicle ran more aggressively stock, but the MAF size does not do much in "choking" the motor as you stated. \And making tq at a higher RPM is a good thing, atleast in racing it is. you need to read up on how torque multiplication works.