91 F-150 front brake Caliper ?

Discussion in 'Other Auto Tech' started by striker911, Sep 26, 2011.

  1. I looked up a caliper at the oriley website and im confused about the selection they have. I basically need the hose, caliper, pads, bearings, and rotor on the driver side front. So I bought the pads today(cant afford to do it all at once). The guy at the store didnt even tell me about the $12 set so when he rattled off the prices the cheapest set of pads where $22. I was like wait a minute im not stupid. The website shows a set for $12. He gave me a smirk like "I wouldnt buy that junk". So I asked him if he had to order them. He said no, we have them but they come in a yellow box. Lol. what a bunch of bs.

    So that has me wondering since the caliper is $15 and comes with a compleat instal kit will be the same story as the one for $56 thats made by the same people and comes with no instal kit. The only diff I see is the 56 one is black while the cheap one is grey. Also the 56 one says "severe duty". Is this a scam? I mean, how can a caliper or brake pads be that bad to where the parts guy wont even sell them. I have a hard time thinking the caliper would make any diff at all too. Most of us know how they work. Maybe im missing something. Any insight?