91 Gt Daily... Mid 12's

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by sen2two, Jul 18, 2013.

  1. I think some tuning is what's needed not throwing parts at the car. after you map out your a/f ratio you can determine where you need to add if you even need to. but I've found that stock heads like that dont make power at the higher rpms and that may be your issue your experiencing.
  2. IIRC 38-39 psi without manifold vacuum on the regulator. so pull the vacuum line.
  3. i just finished cleaning the engine bay to check over everything. and i found it has a bbk fuel pressure power plus regulator and gauge. sweet...

    should i pull the vacuum line off the bbk regulator as well to get the correct reading on the gauge?
  4. yes you should to check and change it then reinstall the vac , ill bet it's leaning out due to the injector and meter Mis match

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  5. the injectors and maf are stock.
  6. fuel pressure is at 42-43psi with the vacuum line disconnected from the bbk fuel pressure regulator. And at 39psi with the vacuum connected.

    i guess thats a little high which could be the cause of the break up. but i will leave it there until i put a wideband on it to make sure.
  7. ...threw em away... :oops: