Fuel 91 GT Fuel Tank Restoration

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by JTBayne, Jan 6, 2013.

  1. I've got a 1991 GT that I've had since I was 18 (I just turned 38). Despite my wife's occasional protests, I had the good sense to hang on to the car when I stopped driving it shortly after we got married (12 1/2 years ago). It's been in the garage pretty much the entire time it's been sitting. On the other hand, I did not have the good sense to drain the fuel tank when I parked it, so I'm sure I've got a tank full of jello.

    I'm going to restore the car, but at the present time, I just want to get it running again. So I'm planning on replacing the entire tank assembly (tank, sending unit, pump bracket, pump, etc.). My eventual restoration plans will include a modified engine, so at some point, the stock capacity on the fuel pump won't do it. I'd like to avoid dropping the tank again to upgrade the fuel pump, so my question is can I go ahead and upgrade the fuel pump to a higher capacity and maintain driveability given that everything north of there (injectors, pressure regulator) will still be stock for now?


  2. Yup. You can install many factory style replacements in there with no issues. I'd plan for what you think you will be adding later. Most people who keep the factory style pump use a 190 or 255. Arguments will ensue over which is better. In my opinion either one, as long as a good name like Walbro will do just fine.
  3. i would make plans fare in advance so the bigger the better in my opinion.
  4. 255 and be done, just my 2cents