Progress Thread 91 LX Vert "Super Slow" Resto/Build


Apr 5, 2019
I have been browsing StangNet for a while now and decided to start a thread. It will be a super slow build or restoration. I have 4 daughters and my wife so I am extremely outnumbered and girls are expensive. Especially girls that all play sports lol but I wouldn't have it any other way. So obviously, when some loose change becomes available I will try to update the Vert.

Little history of the money pit. I purchased from my father in law March of 2019. He had it for a few years and just was not driving it as much. And besides being his son in law, I have a love of Fords and Mustangs (Other vehicles are 2012 Ford F150 Supercrew Ecoboost and 1966 Ford Mustang with inline 6 and automatic (Currently resting and needs some love to get back on the road)) So he offered me the first shot at getting it off his hands, so i told him I'd talk it over with the boss (my wife, his daughter) (;);) told him I'd be by the next day to pick it up lol).

So timeline of events:
3/28/19 - Checked fluids and plugs, and fired her off since the car sat for a while. And she fired off first crank and ran well.
3/31/19 - Replaced battery terminal connects as they were probably originals and negative terminal was barely holding on. And then drove to my house which is only a few miles away.
3/31/19 - Oil change, power steering fluid flushed/changed and CLEANING OPERATION began. By now title has been transferred over to me, insurance is on it and starting to become my daily driver. Especially since it gets better gas mileage then my truck.
4/8/19 - I reached out to a friend of mine at a car dealership and he ran a carfax for me. I believe I am the 4th owner. But not completely positive.
First registered in Hawaii in September 1991, 12 miles listed.
Second owner looks to be in Oregon May 1992, 11,266 miles listed. Could be first owner relocated but not sure.
Third owner looks like my father in law in March 2013, 54,300 miles listed.
Fourth owner is me in 3/31/19 and miles listed is 63,121. I am sure the odometer has rolled over in all this time.
5/27/19 - Finally got around to shampooing the seats and carpet.

But overall, the Vert is in pretty good condition. It does show age and areas of being in the sun over the years. I checked shock towers and torque boxes and all look good and no rust (thank goodness) In fact, I haven't found any area of rust on it besides a couple spots underneath of surface but no rot. I am sure the top is original, it shows lots of wear and faded and has a couple small tears but it does operate. Pony wheels I'm sure are originals are they are faded but do not have any curb rash. Engine may or may not have been rebuilt (the top end at least) as valve covers looks to be not stock and show labeling to identify left from right. Transmission is AOD and shifts smooth even into OD. It has an aftermarket radio (Sony) and the front 3.5" speakers are replacements but other speakers are stock and drivers door speaker is shot lol. Power door locks work, and power windows work except both rear quarter windows they don't go down need to replace components as drivers side just clicks and passenger does nothing. Seats and carpet I'm sure are all original. Radiator looks to have been replaced. I need to replace the front inner & outer bearings, it has a vibration/humming when i am 55 mph+ and when taking turns on the highway.

So, going forward I would like to flush the coolant, change the rear diff fluid and cover, transmission flushed and serviced and belled and add new brake fluid. All for peace of mind since I do not know how long the fluids have been sitting in the car. Also, tune up (plugs, cap & rotor, wires and fuel filter)

Pictures are from 3/28/19
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