91 Mustang Gets Squirrelly After 50mph

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  1. What can I do to have complete control over my Car at higher speeds. I'm not liking the fact that if I have to jerk the steering wheel to avoid something in the road I about lose control of the car. It gets real squirrelly. Another thing... when I'm in the dirt doing donuts the car makes a loud bang noise around (and under) the passenger door area. It almost sounds like it bottoms out.

    My car is the same type of fox body car that the California Highway Patrol used back in the late 80's. What did they do to have complete control over their cars back then. They used them in evasive type maneuvers without any problems.

    Thanks for your time!
  2. if it has the original control arms in it the bushing being rotted out of them could cause the car to rear steer and do this. you might want to put the car on jackstands and have a look under it. the noise could possibly be a torque box issue but there is no way to know until you look at it. when they were new they tended to handle better than when they are 22 years old with no maintenance.

    you've got to be f*(K!ng kidding me.
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  3. +1 w/ Clement on both comments.
  4. When you're doing donuts in the dirt it's usually more fun to have less control
  5. Maybe you should sell/trade for a pick up truck. Donuts tend to be rather hard on control arm, their bushings, and I would assume torque boxes. You do know a Mustang is not an off road vehicle, right?:rolleyes:

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  6. I love feeding trolls. they like their donuts thats for sure.
  7. I had 3 Doritos Locos Tacos for lunch
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  8. I had pizza hut and a couple of bottles of MAgic Hat #9
  9. I'm kinda hungry. Anyone want to go out camping in their mustang? Go off roading in our stangs perhaps and eat marshmallows?
  10. Only done it twice in the last year as every now and again my youth wants to sneak up on my old a$$ and let loose. lol
  11. If I was still at stock ride heighth, no problem.

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  12. Sounds like your vtec is kicking in
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