Expired 91 Mustang Lx 5.0/5sp 123k Mi

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  1. I am considering selling my 91 LX, I have put a lot of money into it since February .it is original Oxford white with black interior. When I got the car it was bone stock. The car has 123k original miles and i am the 4th owner, first owner owned it till 09. I have a clean carfax report also. car was repainted at some point in its life and is still in good shape other than a couple scraches and small paint chips on the hood. there is only 3 minor things that need to be fixed, the driver side door hangs a little bit but not bad, there is a small amount of bubbling on the rear fender lip but you can really tell, it still early and is an easy fix,and lastly one of the bearings in the trans makes a little noise, i looked it up but cant remember what its called. all it does at about 70mph is it sounds like the bearing is turning inside but isnt loud and doesnt affect the drivability. trans shifts fine. i have all the stock parts i took off minus the exhaust. i also have a brand new ram hdx clutch with new flywheel andd all that stuff.Inside the only thing thats missing is the ashtray, ac worked but one of the hoses had a hole so it needs to be replaced.malso cruise control does not work. i really hate to sell but my 2nd baby is almost here and i cant fit 2 carseats (comfortably) in the back.i have all recipts for the parts i bought. Not sure what im looking to get but dont be afraid to shoot me "reasonable offers". im not going to give it away so please dont lowball me. I'll upload some pics, if you want specific ones just ask thanks. The list of mods are as followed.

    Rebuilt GT40 heads
    Typhoon upper and lower intake
    75mm professional products throttle body and spacer
    76mm c&l maf meter with matching tube
    Smog delete pulley
    Bbk fuel pressure regulator/gauge
    Bbk shorty headers
    Bassani off road xpipe and bassani catback (2.5" stainless steel tubing with 3" tips) also has removable baffles
    3.55 gears
    5 lug conversion
    10th anniversary cobra wheels 17 x9/10
    New tires all the way around
    Steeds tri ax shifter
    Also have smoked headlights image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg

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  2. It is located in Little Chute, Wisconsin
  3. Well I haven't had any offers so I guess I'll just keep it, no longer for sale!
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