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  1. Hello ALL,

    I am new to the site, and already have a question! I had recently bought some chrome Ford Racing vlave covers for my 302 from Latemodelrestoration.com

    which I am sure you all knwo bout, but if not they have a lot of good stuff there.

    Anyway, after installing them I am having a problem with the throttle cable going back on dur to the new height of the valve covers. Does anyone know, do they have or make any kind of spacers or do I have to fabricate another bracket. I would rather not have to do that incase of problems, but I can't see myself being the only person with this problem.

    Thanks for any help, Mark:shrug:
  2. Welcome to :SNSign: ,Mark. I'm sure somebody here has run into this problem. Maybe you can post in the appropriate Tech forum on here to find the answer.
  3. Mark, most times with aftermarket intakes & valve covers you have to run a 3/8" inake spacer to clear the throttle bracket. If your car is a 5 speed, the other option is to do a little grinding on the bracket itself & also elongate the bolt holes to shift it up slightly.
  4. Welcome, mate! :)