91 v6 mustang

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  1. Just whant to know if any one has seen any v6 mustangs from 90-93 models because i was going to buy a coupe of that year and they told me it whas a v6 just whant to make sure they did make them this is the first time i hear about them..:shrug: :jaw:
  2. They didn't make a V6 Mustang in those years. Last year with a V6 was 83 or 84, until the SN95 models came out in 94.
  3. I'm sure someone is misinformed. Everyone that doesn't know Mustangs thinks they have always had just a V8, and a V6 available. A lot of people just assume the base model fox mustangs were V6's.

  4. 86 was last year....of the the 3.8 till 94 when it came back in place of the 4cyl.
  5. Here is a random question ... is the older fox v6 in any way similar to the 94+ 3.8? As a stripped fox coupe with a newer 1999 + 3.8 with some head/cams nitrous etc. would be a lot of fun.
  6. The 3.8L out of an 83-86 mustang/capri/cougar/thuderbird/marquis/LTD/continental is the same engine as the 94-04 3.8L, however there were of course many design modifications done. I don't know how much actually interchanges or swaps, but it is the same engine. As a side note though, this engine is of the 90 degree design and is basically a small block Ford v8 with 2 cylinders cut off. It does not share any similarites with the Ford Cologne series of 60 degree V6's (such as the 4.0L, 2.8L, 2.9L, 2.6L).
  7. I don't know if the old engines were throttle body injected (like they were in the Thunderbird & Cougar until 1989) or carbed, but I'm sure they had V-belts and some minor annoying differences.

    It'd probably be half as much money and effort to put a V8 or 2.3 Turbo into an old 3.8 car, than it would be to adapt a newer 3.8, but I could be wrong.
  8. Yah ... that is what Ifigured ... mind you even just figuring out the electronics would be a nightmare. I really need to find something to do with this 2000 3.8 mustang engine I have sitting around.