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  1. So I got a phone call a week or so ago from an old friend. Long story short, he had three kids and the Mustang needed to go. I had always liked the car and helped do almost all of the work on the car over the years. This is actually the second car I've ever put a roll bar in, 10 years ago. So this past weekend I went and bought the car from him. We made a packaged deal for the car as a roller and all of the parts that used to be on it. The car has been sitting about 3 years since splitting the stock short block, was disassembled and then covered up. The car came with a set of ported Performer RPM cylinder heads, upper and lower intake manifold (professional products?) 42lb injectors w/ mass air, c4 w/ trans brake and 8" convertor, Novi2000 blower kit, etc etc etc. Basically everything but the stock shortblock and cam/lifters. So now it sits in my garage, waiting for some TLC. I intend to put the car back together with another stock shortblock (budget) and street drive it, hitting some local cruises, car shows and maybe a track day here or there. First order of business to fix a little rust in the strut tower area, clean the interior and buff the paint out. I'll call this my progress thread as I'll document the process of putting this car back to its former glory.

    Pictures Below: ( I haven't even washed it yet, just rolled it into the garage.)
    IMG_20130907_181604_858.jpg IMG_20130907_181553_646.jpg IMG_20130907_181620_906.jpg IMG_20130907_181730_595.jpg IMG_20130907_194850_244.jpg IMG_20130907_182012_497.jpg IMG_20130907_181440_562.jpg
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  2. Before I get a bunch of crap about the stickers, I better get out there to scrap them off....
  3. Its clean! Was it strictly a drag car? Did it come with the title?
  4. Next thing you know... 1300hp
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  5. It was always driven on the street. The last two years it was running it saw a lot if track duty, hence the stickers and yes it does have the title. I'm only the 4 th owner and personally know the last two owners and everywhere the car has been since 1996. While I will make an occasional track day I do intend to drive it quite a bit.
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  6. Hardly, lol. One car like that kills my budget. This will only ever have a stock short block. It used to go consistent 10.30's @130 with a 1.40 60'. And I'm fine with putting it back that way and driving the wheels off it.
  7. Stickers are gone now! IMG_20131005_181347868.jpg IMG_20131005_181300023.jpg
    Oh, and new 275 Pro radials are installed!
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  8. I did some actual work today in the shop. Knocked the stock bottom end motor apart. Cleaned all the parts, honed the block, new can bearings, file fit the rings and now I'm waiting for the bearings to put it all back together. IMG_20131005_124423384.jpg IMG_20131005_124415447.jpg
  9. Im so jealous. That was the same color scheme as my very first Mustang. Cool of you to buy it off your buddy to help him out, and also that you are getting it under its own power again quickly. Hopefully you get to drive it a bit before the snow starts flying!
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  10. This purple window tint had to go!
    IMG_20131006_124758488_HDR.jpg IMG_20131006_132447185.jpg
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  11. Needless to say, the interior needed some attention. The carpet was filthy so it was removed and discarded. The wiring was also a bit of a mess so that was removed and cleaned up. IMG_20131006_132832429.jpg IMG_20131006_162702265.jpg
  12. I pulled this out of the car too. There is nothing wrong with it other than its out of date. Pm me if someone wants to use it for something. I'll be happy to give it to a member here.

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  13. While the seats were out I took the Hoover shampoo vacuum to them and they cleaned up really well! IMG958551.jpg
  14. Wow, the seats look great. Is there fabric dye on them, or are they just still damp? Also, I take it you werent concerned with that rear window defroster?
  15. No dye on the seats, they are still a little damp they look black there but are actually grey. They were very dirty but I'm happy how they cleaned up. I would rather have no defroster than that horrid purple window tint
  16. The short block is fully assembled. I'm waiting on two new valves for the heads as two were tweaked for some reason. I'm hoping to have this at least dropped in end of next week after a little repair to the strut towers. How does everyone feel about the factory gray paint on the short block?
  17. I like black it just hides dirt and crap for a DD type of car. but hey its yours not mine.
  18. I agree with black for the block color, but I am kind of the boring type.
  19. Boring????? PFFT!!!...... I wouldn't say that...:rolleyes: