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  1. So the engine is done. The cylinder heads needed 3 intake valves, one valve guide and I had them cc'd and decked to be equal. One head was off by .005 compared to the other. I'm guessing someone only cut one head once, who knows. Anyway... The heads are done, I went to check PTV and there was no room for the valves to open all the way, lol. I took the die grinder out and cut some new pockets in the stock pistons and PTV is now officially good to go. This is why we check these kinds of things right? The motor is completely assembled and going in Thursday night if all goes according to plan.
    IMG_20131102_130221261.jpg IMG_20131102_164332161.jpg IMG_20131102_164347093.jpg
  2. The rear suspension got a little update as well. The lakewood traction lift bars had to go and they were replaced with these new lower control arms from UPR.
    @Sharad IMG_20131017_195127620.jpg
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  3. same lowers as in my car....
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  4. The strut towers were in really bad shape, I've seen people junk cars over strut tower rot. This car is far too nice to do that and fixing them really was no big issue. I spent a total of about 3 hours to cut the rot out and patch everything back in. The pictures tell the story better than I can...



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  5. Since I had to grind and cut out both frame rail sections at the strut towers, I re painted the entire engine bay. The color matches the car quite nicely. I also removed the factory power brakes and replaced them with the Aerospace Components Manual brake kit. I re installed the Hurst line lock control and re plumbed all the brake lines. This bay is ready for an engine...
    IMG_20131029_142411576.jpg IMG_20131103_160420187.jpg
  6. Very nice car. It's clean.

  7. Thanks!
  8. Wow, that's lookin' good Nick! What a fun project! I don't know how I missed this thread. I need to do something like this with my '86 GT.
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  9. Wow, Lakewood traction bars! Eighties all the way right ther
  10. ^^UPR fixed that right up!
  11. Either of you want the Lakewood's to relish in the history or should I just take them straight to the scrap yard without passing go or collecting my 200$ lol
  12. This makes me want to build a motor... Loving the work. Gray is nice btw. :nice:
  13. Maybe you already said but are those Vic jrs? Is that why you had to notch the pistons with that cam and big valves? Cool build
  14. Did you just freehand cut those valve notches, or did you have some sort of system? Also, how did you keep shavings from going between the piston and cylinder wall?

    Car should be pretty sweet when done!
  15. These are performer RPM heads that have been around a long time. They have quite a bit of port work done and flow very well for what they are. Tony Slocko just went through them to get them fixed up. They were included in the deal when I bought the car.
  16. Thanks for the compliment! I free cut the pistons with an air powered die grinder and a high speed burr. I taped the whole engine up really well and cleaned each bore with a lot of compressed air to rid the aluminum shavings. I have done this on far to many stock short blocks lol and have never had a problem. It is kind of barbaric but does work!
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  17. Interior is almost back together. New carpet and freshly cleaned seats are back in the car. The carpet came from LMR and fits like a glove, mass backed and is really nice quality. Two weeks and counting to get this thing finished and down to the track for some testing!

    Thanks again to @[email protected] for the Stangnet Member Discount and Great Customer Service. LMR is the Best!

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  18. Looking good!!
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  19. I'm impressed. That's a huge improvement!
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  20. Thanks! I'm thinking I'll have to drive it in socks to keep the carpet clean, lol. I can't stand floor mats so that's out of the question...
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