'92 5.0, I have a few???

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  1. I am sure a lot of this has already been posted, but I don't have the time to dig...
    So I am hoping for some words of wisdom! I am having trouble with my car getting hot on days when there is any humidity in the air and when I have to break for stoplights. I fluched the coolant and replaced the stat (180 degrees). Took it for a cruise and it was good until I started getting up into the pipe, then it started to climb again. I do have a smaller fan but it seems to pull air pretty good. Also I drove the car in this morning and the weather was nice and cool, didn't have any trouble at all. Should I just not worry abou this?
    Another ??? is what's up with the no muffler from the factory on my car? I have the setup with 4 cat's and then it's straight pipe from there back! Kind of cool but some times, annoyingly loud! I would like to put a muffler on but do not know that I could afford the entire cat-back system right at the moment.:(
    I think I have finally got my TV cable where I like it. Took it down to the local backyard mechanic and he adjusted and said that he had it where it needed to be.:nonono: Well, that just wasn't so, because iot sucked! It would go through all of the gears before I would even get a half a block! No good... So I moved it a little to where I thoght it should be and it seems better. Being that I am a real novice at this I am still not real sure, but I know what is real bad and what seems good anyways.
    By the way this is juat a poochie AOD with a Superchip and shift kit, also a supposed stall, K&N cold air intake fender mount. I have taken real good care of her and only fed it the best! (92-93 Premo and some synthetics):nice:
    So if anyone has anywords of wisdom for me, I would be greatly appreciative.
    Oh and I did by a temp gauge, but I still don't think that is going to tell me much different!
  2. You'd mentioned having a "smaller" fan. Is it electric ? Do you have a fan shroud ? Has the fan clutch been replaced ? If you're running an electric fan, what temp is it set to kick on at ? Is the smaller fan (if not electric) at least a reverse rotation fan as it should be. Check for proper coolant level as well. -yeah, I know, but often overlooked-
    Lastly, regarding your no muffler issue. I honestly doubt it came from Ford with no mufflers. You can find a decent exhaust shop to weld in mufflers to save you money vs. buying an entire cat back system.
  3. First, I must tell you that a Stock Fox (or any mustang) came from the factory with mufflers. The previous owner must have welded in something to get more horsepower?

    As for the cooling system, you should have the fluids changed and then pressure tested to see why you are having over heating problems. Is the air deflector still under your car?

    Higher Octane in your car is actually slowing you down. Switch to 87/89 to save some money.

    That Jet chip is probably not doing a whole heck of a lot considering that the computers in the car are pretty basic at controlling engine functions. It probably helps a little, but not very much....

    Get some Headers / new H-pipe / Mufflers and your ears will thank you.

    Get some gears installed in the rear end and your car will feel much sportier.
  4. Oh great Mustang Guru's please shine down...

    the fan is electric and all I have at the moment is the switch. But I always turn it on way before the 180 mark. I still have the factory shroud on the car, so it leaves a little open area between it and the fans make shift shroud.
    I did flush and change the fluids, but no pressure test.
    As far as the air deflector, I need more info on this? As I was laying under the beast this weekend, I was thinking that something is missing? But I am not sure what this looks like and where it goes. I was going to fab up a piece going from front clip to the back of the radiator hoping this would help, but never got there.

    The muffler thing, I apoligize for my knowledge barrier, reltively new at the whole motorhead thing, but I am having fun lerarning!:D I saw a deal in Mustangs Unlimited that was showing the stock exhaust and no where did they have any sign off muff-muffs? basically just what I had 4 cats and some noise!
    So I am just guessing, but I am probably close to being illegal, although we do not have any emissions tests in MN., that and I have been pulled over enough with no mention of this! (Damn passing gear will get you every time..."did you know you were going 84 in a 65 sir!) well yeah when you take the speed that I was going for 3 seconds!:mad:

    Hey, one more thing about that chip(Hypertech), if I take that out, do I need something to put back in?:shrug:
  5. You ask... I deliver (a bad picture of the air dam that is)
    The picture is poor, but if you look close you will see a black piece of plastic that helps send the air up into the radiator.
  6. /\ hey where do you buy a new one of those i asked in talk and everyone didn't know. i need one. thnx.

  7. I haven't seen them anywhere. I think I have one from an 85 (parts car) that could be fitted..?

    Best bet is Junk Yards.