Expired 92-93 Vert Seats

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  1. i have a full set of the 92-93 pony seats and rear seat for a convertible in oxford white. previous owner tried to fill the hair line cracks with a leather reapir kit on the passenger seat, it didn't work so the skin is in need of repair. still not bad shape for 20 year old white leather. asking 100 or best offer. IMG-20121012-00180.jpg IMG-20121012-00181.jpg IMG-20121012-00182.jpg IMG-20121012-00183.jpg
  2. $100 or they become garage fodder again
  3. 100 bucks come and get them. The rear foam alone is w orth that!
  4. bump, if you need these pm me and we can work out a deal.
  5. Are these still available? PM sent.
  6. pm sent
  7. Would you ship?
  8. ok. here is the deal. they are still available, in my garage tucked away. i have 100 dollars tied up in them. i want 100 dollars, no less. or they are my test seats and extras for when i replace my seat skins. if you can't pick them up i would be glad to ship them for 100 dollars plus the price of actual shipping. i have no idea how much that would be.
  9. 7 different people asking me to ship and they disappear. if you need these pm me, i have some trades +/- cash in mind. i need 2 16" pony wheels in good shape (no curb rash)
    the seat tracks alone are more than i am asking
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.