92 Fox Notch Build: Stock, Light And Sticky..what Next..

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  1. Yes I'm still using my egr with offroad H pipe and no smog pump. I was thinking of aerodynamics.. maybe play around with a custom plastic "skid plate" for now that covers from bumper to tranny..that would be cheap. Never thought of my alignment I do have caster camber and adjustable control arms. I'm fully synthetic except for tranny..gotta do that.

    I wanna order a tune, there is so many out there, but I want to be sure I'm keeping my stock throttle body and MAF before I do that..
  2. I don't know what fuel you are running, but run the lowest octane fuel that you can get away with. And if there is a station near you that sells non-ethanol gas then use that. It is worth a few mpg, but does cost a bit more per gallon. You can look up www.trufuel50.com or www.pure-gas.org for a list of places that sell the non-ethanol gasoline.
  3. Ever since I advance the timing I been using 93 . I never tried low octane..I figured it would ping.
  4. ROFL...If pullies and an electric fan are worth 20 RWHP I will eat one of each for dinner. Maybe if the old fan was stuck in the shroud and the fan clutch was always engaged.
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  5. MAYBE 10-15 hp at the crank, but I run both.
  6. But aren't you looking for 30mpg to reduced fuel cost? So increasing fuel cost is counter active.
  7. Depends on how much the added cost per gallon is over the increase in MPG. It may offset the added cost. I run non-ethanol fuel in both of my Mustangs even tho the added cost per gallon in a net negative. The car just runs so much better with the non-ethanol fuel compared to the stuff you get at any gas station. Throttle response, power and overall driveability are so much better that I am willing to pay the difference, even tho it is costing me more. The cost of the non-ethanol fuel in his area may not be as prohibitive as it is where I live. It is an option to consider.

    Edit: as a point of reference on both of my Mustangs (01' V-6 5 speed and 08' Bullitt edition) the increase in MPG with the non-ethanol fuel was about 2-3 mpg. In my area unfortunately, the non-ethanol fuel cost about .20 cents per gallon more. So running it is actually costing me more than just the Super Unleaded I could get a Chevron or elsewhere once MPG is factored vs $ per gallon.
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  8. I gained 1 to 1.5 mpg when I swapped out the factory heads for TF Twisted Wedge 170cc heads many moons ago (cobra intake and 24# injectors at the same time, along with the different tube in the pre-existing C&L MA). Surprised me at the time, but the difference was definitely there. With 3.73 gears, you're getting exceptional highway mileage, though the 60 mph is helping versus the 75-80 most of us do....
  9. That's interesting, I've seen that mentioned on other forums. What size MAF and TB where you using? Did you have a tune? I like that the heads drop a good bit of weight also.
  10. Before I made any upgrade, not a single one before my first ones, which were pulleys and fan. And because of that moment when i was like "Oh sh!t, that really did free up some hp's!!" when i punched it :nice: ....that's how i know because i had not done ANYTHING to the car, ....it works, it happened and I will always stand by that day, cause i drove the car for 6 years before that day. How many truly :shrug: but i sure as hell would recommend that to anyone wanting to say "Oh sh!t" on there first easy upgrade ;)
  11. This is the most ridiculous thread that I have read on here in a while..... I'm OUT! :bang:
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  12. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Confirmation_bias

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  13. We are here to entertain you........no? :shrug:
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  14. I will admit that I have gotten a few chuckles out of several threads around here lately, lmao
  15. Don't confuse me with facts.........my mind is made up!
  16. You're like the "Godfather"...I was out...and they pulled me back in! Lol. Agreed there have been some "interesting" posts lately.
  17. need the stock gears to hypermile like this. my 2.73s give me 27.5-28 on the highway and im all stock except for exhaust, 76mm mass air and k&n.
  18. So your "20rwhp" literally IS a complete SOTP guess?

    I just had to scroll back up to make sure this wasn't a honda forum