92 Gt Aod Back To The Strip

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  1. last weekend I ran my new bone stock (besides CAI) 92 gt AOD and ran a 9.88 @ 72mph with a 2.2 60 ft. this weekend I ran consistent 10.04 but 2.3 2.4 60ft. I lowered the tire psi to 25lbs stick no luck. What was going wrong?
  2. Probably a combination of a stock engine, a low stall converter, and high rear end gears,
  3. Also every track has differing amounts of traction during the day. Your 60times are showing that traction is a bit limited. If you want more consistency buy some stickier tires,work on your suspension,and a better stall converter For the trans. You should be more consistent then. Also if your diff is going out causing it to be a one-wheel wonder its going to be impossible to be hooking at all. Good luck.
  4. Traction is either a problem or the car is just a dog off the line. My car is a 5spd but it you don't have your footwork perfect 2.1+ 60fts are easily obtained without spinning..
  5. the lowest I got was an 9.74 2.23 60 but i now have a 4.10 and track lok rebuild kit im ready to see what happens once I get my radials
  6. Good drag radials or slicks or don't bother with the drag strip. You gotta put it to the ground or its just a waste of your time.
  7. what i need with my 4.10 26x10.5
  8. 26x8.5 0r 9.
    10.5 won't fit without beating the inner. Besides its way overkill. You could also run a 28 to lower your rpm thru the traps. I'd honestly pick the 26 though.
  9. ok
  10. Run the 26's 28's will kill the gear.. I had this problem before.. Stock motor and 28's you will be Dissapointed. Go as small as you can.
  11. are you even spinning? my aod with stock stall would not even break a 255 dr loose,i actually aired it up to get spin and even then it was slight. watch your burn outs too the aod is a dog out of the hole don't get em to sticky,foot brake hard too. if all else fails shoot it with nos!! i had n/a 290 rwhp and i think the best 60 i had was a 1.9 or 2.0 with a low 14 quater and i had a shift kit ,4:10 all the rear suspension done and drag shocks h/c/i. i usually spray so i cant remember the na numbers exactly.and the dogging in third don't help either. just be gentle with her and watch the shuffle shifts.with a 75 shot i was mid twelve and thats all to do with balls off the line but was running with a permently locked converter. get a zex dry kit and hit it. best 500 bucks you can spend.
  12. cool i found a set of 26s for 75 a piece
  13. spinning bad with a 2.3 2.4 60 ft at 77mph the lower my 60 foot the lower my mph was like a 2.2 be 75mph or something like that but i might spray near future.