'92 Gt - Sound System Upgrades

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  2. I'm working on mine right now. The only thing I am having trouble is putting the new 14 gauge speaker wire into the door. How did you fish it into that rubber boot covering the wires between the car and the door?
  3. As you know, the space through that boot is pretty tight. I actually snapped it out and used a flexible plastic fishing tool I have to help get the wire through. I was able to get 2 pieces of 12 gauge through there. Before I has this plastic tool, I always used a coat hanger that I had cut. You just have to be careful of course, because it's metal and can certainly damage some things.

    My rubber boots snapped out and in pretty easily, I've had much more difficulty with other cars. Just in case you are interested, here is a link to the tool I have. However, I'm sure there are others out there.


    Hope this helps a little. Good luck!
  4. Thanks for the tip, I tried the coat hanger while the boot was still attached and was afraid it would rip it so I just spliced the new wire into the old to get it working for now. I'll redo it once my new head unit comes in. Sorry if I stole the thread lol. I'll be watching your updates to see if I did anything wrong.

  5. You are welcome. No, not stealing the thread at all. Always happy to help if I can!!
  6. I've been working on the sub enclosure. Here is a pic of the start. Almost finished, just working on the ports. Will get a few pictures and put them up asap.

  7. sweet box. love the reccesed speaker mounts. IMO the best way to do it is go a few cubes larger and add bracing inside, the less flex the box has the cleaner the sound.
    Try using the old speaker wire as a pull string, cut it on both sides of the door and attatch the new wires to it and pull em in be careful not to loose them in the boot though.
  8. Well, I'm still working on this, its not a dead thread. I finished the above box, covered it, got it in the car, and just wasn't happy with the looks.

    I've since built a new box with amp rack, have it covered and just got it in the car. I still need to build and install trim panels to finish it all out, but so far, I'm much happier with the results. I'll get some pictures up as soon as possible.

    I also have to get back to work on the door panels. I'm ready to get this thing finished!! (At least until the next build ;))
  9. sweet cant wait to see some pics. roll on bed liner works awesome to cover a box hides blemishes and give it a certain look i did it to mine and on a custom setup i built for my cuzin. IMAG0029.jpg
  10. Sorry for the delay. But, here are just a couple of photos. This is by no means finished. I still have trim panels to make and install, install the 2nd amp, etc. It's just slow going at the moment, things keep getting in the way.

  11. What size are those @Audiophile? Those magnets look tiny. Did you get my question on the thread I posted, about what alternator you're running? What freq. did you tune that nice box to? Sorry for all the ?'s. :nice:
  12. Those are 8" Blues Iso-kits. There are actually 4 subs, 2 each coupled together. The box is .57 cu. ft. per side, tuned to 25hz. No, sorry, I didn't get that question. But, at the moment I'm running the stock alternator. Yeah, I know, it stinks. I'm going to upgrade to a 200a, but just haven't got that far yet. It's definitely on the radar and I should have one installed by the time I get all this finished.

    No problem on the questions. I'm happy to answer anything I can.
  13. Ah, I'm starting to love the 8's, I have a MA Audio 8 that does pretty good. The magnet is HUGE for an 8. Dang 25hz is mad low. Do you happen to know the resonant freq. of these foxes? Right now I'm running a 140A alt and it hangs with my system I currently have. It's just a little Rockford Fosgate system though. Dang, well I just read on the iso stuff. It's pretty neat how they're setup. Nice for less area. :nice:
  14. Sorry, not sure about the resonant frequency.

    Actually, 140a would probably be enough for me. But, I do stupid overkill on almost everything so.....
  15. looks nice! never seen subs set up that way. ive always used an alt off a sn95 requires a little grinding in the bracket for good fit. cheap for a alt upgrade though. 130a and it feeds my 2300w rms just fine.
  16. From what I heard the resonant freq. is 31hz :). I agree, on the overkill it's better. A system will play with sub-par equipment but never to it's full potential.
    The sn95 alt is definitely a good upgrade. FYI 2300 true watts needs about a 190A alternator. What setup you running bud, just curious. Batteries, amp(s), sub(s), wiring, etc? Any pics? :nice:
  17. mb quart
    Discus 1500.1 class D
    Onyx oa 800.4 class SQ
    reference 6.5 component in doors
    reference 6x9 in rear box
    power acustic tweets in dash
    boss audio 6.5 loud speakers in rear box (i know got em cheap but they sound really clean)
    jvc arsenal 10" dvc 4ohm
    2 batteries deep cycle in trunk
    2/0 power and ground IMAG0139.jpg IMAG0138.jpg IMAG0243_BURST002.jpg
  18. sorry old pics but new subs are sitting in a box next to me. i roasted the alpines, got alittle happy with the BB knob. they hit hard right up till they didnt. lol
  19. Nice. I bet those mids are nice man.
  20. yeah i wanted clean, i run a flat eq so balance was achieved with amp tuning. could be much louder but clean is king.