'92 GT t-5 issues?

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  1. :shrug:Hey guys, I have what I believe is a world class t5 in my car. Im a new owner and im sure you know how that goes....someone elses problems and improper fixes. Anywho the car has a hurst shifter in it and it wont go into 2nd gear sometimes. I was thinking synchros but im unsure. I checked the tranny fluid and it looked like someone put gear lube in it.....wtf. so i put the correct amount of mercon in it and it still wont go into second. buttttt it almost always goes into second when i downshift. Even if i double clutch it it wont go into second at low to medium rpms....if i hammer it and shift at about 5 or 6 it will go in, im unsure if this is due to me banging the gears hard enough or what. also when im driving normally it feels like its in second i let up the clutch and i can feel the shifter like vibrating like bumping sorta like its almost in the gear i guess...the tranny also whines but im thinking it has a torn lower boot....any help is much abliged fellas.
  2. The whine is probably from not having the right fluid in it
  3. well ive got the right fluid in it now
  4. Ya, but the damage is already done from not having the correct fluid unfortunately
  5. Yeah, every T-5 I've had rebuilt they've told me to run 10w30 in it... dunno why, but I've never had an issue.

    Unfortunately the damage is done, and most likely it is a synchro that is causing the 2nd gear issue. I am having that same one with 4th in mine. Can't downshift into it, I have to line it up with 3rd before it will knock into 4th.
  6. Just a little FYI...

    When you ask questions you don't have to specify that it's a GT. The only difference between the GT and the LX is body work. The GT has more of it. Mechanically all the of 5.0's in a given year are identical except for the 93 Cobra.
  7. what does a rebuild usually run for a t5?
  8. A shop local of me charges 695 for a t5 comoletely rebuilt plus core.
  9. Without opening the trans up, no way to tell. The reason these trans take ATF is due to the small needle roller bearings on the mainshaft. You need a watery fluid to reach these critical parts. If the fluid is too thick, they starve, and the trans gets noisy. Damage can't be reversed at that point.

    As for 2nd gear...rule out a clutch adjustment issue first.

    PS...all 1985 1/2 T-5's and up at World Class...even 4-banger and V6.
  10. i have an adjustable clutch cable on my car but its hard as hell to turn, any advice on adjusting it?
  11. Before doing too much, I would look at the adjustment on the shifter. I have a B&M shifter with adjustable stops. My transmission would jump out of gear along with not going into gear when shifting 1 to 2.
    I would make sure that the linkage has full movement and is not hitting the shifter stops.
    The instructions on my B&M says to leave 1/8" between the shifter mechanism and the stop.
  12. thanks ill try that after i fix the rearend lol
  13. The binding common to adjustable cables is often due to misplacement of the adjusting nuts on the fork end of the cable. This will also cause the cable to wear and fray. Both nuts should be on the back side of the fork so that the domed nut faces the fork and the other nut serves as jam or locknut to the domed nut.