92 LX - heavily modded

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  1. Alright folks, listing my Fox for sale.

    Asking $7500

    I am going to try to make a pretty complete listing of it so bear with me. Sorry if some of the pics aren't the greatest, lost my good camera in my divorce [​IMG]

    The car is very clean and I have a thick stack of receipts and paperwork. I am going to try to list the details and info as best as I can. If I leave something out, please feel free to ask.

    I will start with what I know still needs to be fixed.

    -fuel gauge does not work, my use of a power probe shows a bad sending unit.
    -power door lock switches do not work. I think it needs new switches but not 100%
    -drips a few drops of oil after driving it. Seems to be coming from the rear main, but I replaced the rear main recently. It doesn't eat any oil, just drips after a hard ride. This car does not have many miles since being rebuilt.

    The top-end has been pulled apart in the last year to powder coat so it has fresh gaskets and no leaks up top. New plugs and wires, injector o-rings, etc. Battery cut-off switch installed behind license plate which flips down.

    Ok, so on to the meat!


    -306 Short block built by Excessive Motorsports, not sure what is in it. I have a receipt for the shortblock but no details. Recent information from a previous owner suggests its a Ford Racing block.
    -Longblock assembled by Paul’s Auto, have receipts for that too.
    -Holley Systemax heads, cam, upper/lower intakes
    -24lb injectors
    -Mac ram air induction kit
    -Crane ignition kit
    -New MSD dist, custom length plug wires, fresh plugs
    -smog/AC delete
    -battery relocated to hatch


    -5sp, Centerforce cluth, Pro 5.0 shifter, FMS aluminum driveshaft, firewall adjuster.


    -3.55 gears


    Tubular K member
    MM LCA’s adjustable
    MM Steering shaft
    MM 1/4” spacers
    MM standard torque arm
    HR Race Springs
    Last owner put on cheapo KYB shocks
    Ford Racing front A-arms
    MM panhard bar
    Front/Rear strut tower braces - rear is Saleen, front is Steeda I think
    Cobra sway bars front/rear
    Welded in full length SBC's


    SSBC front and rear disc brakes, front are slotted, stainless lines
    4 lug


    Fresh paint - May 06, black, garage kept and kept buffed and waxed.
    All trim/molding fresh
    Newer lights all around, even license plate lights, etc.
    Fresh hatch/hood bumpers and all those little pieces


    New carpet, mats.
    New seats front and rear
    New door panels
    New or painted other panels, etc.
    Autometer gauges and pods


    Shorty headers
    Mac 2.5 dumps and O/R Prochamber


    95 Cobra R 17" with fresh Bridgestone Potenza RE-O1’s 245/45 all around
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  5. GLWS 8500 seems a bit high in today's market
  6. I'll give you all the money in my wallet and bank account for it.
  7. Perhaps...but willing to listen to offers. Be a great car for someone into road racing.
  8. Let's see, I got $2 in the wallet and $23 in the bank. You're gonna pay for the shipping right?
  9. I'd like to purchase this fine automobile :chin
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  10. Would like to talk to you. Very intrested. How do I get in touch?

  11. PM Sent.
  12. That is an absolutely beautiful car, Doc. I'm not real big on the Fox cars, but one will come along every now and then that'll make me drool a little bit. This is one of those cars. For me, add in some window tint and it would be PERFECT. :nice:

    Good luck with the sale.
  13. im interested on what car did you use for the rear licence plate bracket,and where can i get one. you have a nice car, try posting in canada we pay more over here.

  14. Thanks man!
  15. Bump for $7500.

  16. I ordered it from Jegs. Had to use longer bolts and some spacers to give the clearance for the switch. Some rubber bumpers up top help it to be straight. Took some rigging but easy to do.


    Picture019.jpg Picture020.jpg

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  18. nice car, seen that you have ky plates, where in ky are you from?
  19. any trades or u needing the money?
  20. Sorry for the delay guys.

    I'm in Independence KY, pretty much across the river from Cincinnati.

    Not looking for trades, cash needed.

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