92 Lx: No Turn Signals, Can't Find Relay/efm

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  1. Hello!
    When I purchased this car a few months ago, the turn signals worked but kind of "flickered"... recently, they completely went out... however the hazards work just fine.
    I checked all the fuses, replaced the flasher relay on the fuse box (which, I believe I found out later is the hazard flasher?), and replaced the multi-function switch. Still nothing.
    I was reading around and found out that the flashers use a separate relay that's supposed to be located behind the glove box, but for the life of me, I cannot find it.
    I've attached pictures of what I can see behind the glove box.
    Thanks in advance for any help. This is getting expensive!

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    Take a look at # 14. Behind the radio-ish.
  3. The fuse box is on the driver's side under the dash right by the door (as you can see from the picture). Sometimes I pull the bracket it's attached to down when I get out of the car! There is a diagram on the case of the fuse box. Hope this helps!

    Well, I have good news and worse news.

    the blue thing at the bottom of the first picture was what i was looking for. i had to remove the glove box to get to it and pull it off of a metal bracket.

    however, the bad news is replacing it didn't fix it...

    the relay is the same as the hazard relay, correct? they're interchangeable?

    weird thing is, i tested the turn signal relay in the hazard relay slot and the hazards stopped working right until i replaced the original

    i also popped out the hazard switch (i've read about loose wires) and checked all the connections and fiddled with the wires a bit, then did the same to the multifunction switch.

    still absolutely nothing.

    i'm quickly running out of ideas here. i don't want to have to bring the car in!

    thank you guys for all your help.
  5. The hazard and the turn signal relay are identical. They are both your generic flasher units, round case and two prongs in a "L" shape. |_ If you interchanged them and are still having issues with your turn signals, you probably have some other wiring issue.