Engine 92 lx. Tps questions

k ive done a base idle reset. And i i have my tps set to .97- .98. And i was wondering what wot should be. My tps goes up in voltage nicely with no dead spots if i open the throttle by hand but once it gets to max volts which i assume is 4.8v. I still have alittle more of the throttle to open and when i go to true wide open throttle the tps reads 4.8 then 5.0 and when i open it right up it goes 0.00.. Lol am i missing something here. I thought wide open should read 4.8 . not 4.8 with a quarter throttle to go haha
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Feb 18, 2001
There's no set number. The ECU takes a reference voltage number and then adds a specific value to it to inidicate WOT.

Acceptable idle TPS voltage is anything from 0.5V to 1.25V (no need to set it to 0.99v) I've seen numbers from 2.71 to 3.13V thrown around as the value added to base reference to indicate WOT.

To simplify it, if your idle TPS voltage is 1.0V, the ECU will add, say 3.13V, to that number to indicate WOT. That means in this case, anything over 4.13V is WOT. And yes, you might hit that value at 3/4 throttle. This is normal.

What's not normal is your voltage going to 0 volts at completely WOT. It should be pretty close to 5V, but if it's going to 0V you may need to replace that TPS sensor.
Well now i did another base idle reset and i bored out the tps holes so i got more range out of it. But now i can go 98% wot and it reads 4.12 but theres like 2mm of throttle to go and it reads 0.12 lol. Im just gonna replace this tps. Something seems fishy with this one. But then again my buddies car does the exact same thing that im explaining. What are the odds of two cars havin new tps doin the exact same thing lol

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