92 mustang 2.3l swap to 86 tbird turbo

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  1. hi i'm new to the site and was wondering if u can put a 2.3 turbo motor n tranny in a 86 v6 tbird, i know its not a mustang but i was wondering if you can still swap the motors or what i would have to do to make it work, been looking every were and cant find any info thought this would b the best place to ask
  2. Should be able to. The 86 T-bird did come with 2.3 turbo. I would recommend find a 86 turbocoupe harness. Shouldn't be a problem. Then swap computer etc. Now the trans unless t-5 won't fit. The 86 automatic was a c-3. [My first donar car I know]. I would start a new thread because I will not steal this thread will give more info on new thread. Maurice
    On the Intercooler for the other person. I idea is one I am using info here.
    intercooler install pictures by mgman75 - Photobucket The video with a straight pipe into the top of intercooler won't work. Needs offset down. Bumper cover will not fit.
    Now if had to do over I would do a water cooled intercooler and water cooler if using a vam. I found out putting that much pipe between vam and intercooler causes some problems. Maurice