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  1. i wish Ford actually put numbers on the gauges instead of the "NORMAL" i do know i have seen the gauge reach the "R" in normal. im gonna try the toggle switch but i wanna ask how many amps does the stock fan use? im gonna use a fuse tap from the fuse block thats only active when key is on using 12 gauge wire
  2. :nono: Don't you dare hook it up to a toggle switch without a relay! I can assure you it pulls enough amps to melt a toggle switch.
  3. Yea I agree with gearhead. It will work but not for long without melting something. I've had fans melt and blow cuz of too much amperage and it will happen to you. You need to either route it to a temp gauge like a thermostat would be in a house or find an alternate option but having to flick a switch when ur temp goes up and then just flip it again when it cools down is a pain pal. Let us know what u decide
  4. well i have already tried to do the electric fan thermostat and the fan did not work, nothing worked but when i jumped the fan to the battery the fan worked, thats the only way i could get the fan to turn on. electric thermostat failed, toggle switch failed. what else can i do?
  5. Try running the 12 vt to the thermostat relay wire this way ur getting the twelve volts and th thermostat just acts like the toggle switch for you. What kind of electric thermostat is it?
  6. this is what i was using. BTW i had it hooked up to the stock fan in a 2.3 that sounds like a good idea i would like to try that could you post a diagram of what its supposed to look like? im one of those people that need the dumbed down version lol
  7. Why are you doing this? If your fan isn't coming on, you probably need a new relay. You can replace the whole IRCM, or if you want you can open it up and replace just the relay. You will be a happier person if your fan works as intended.
  8. Ok so I did some research for ya and it seems other people had this problem. This is a setup needed to make it work properly.
    1. Go to napa or auto store and get constant power relay
    2. Wire it directly to 12v
    3. Get a universal relay and wire it to electronic thermostat and that will tell it to turn on and off
    4. Tie in grounds and good to go

    I also know you can tie it in to fuse box on acc. But eventually it will overheat
    A lot of people who have the problem ur having is because your alt is too small or not drawing enough amps. And they had to upgrade alternator.
  9. yes the fan did not work i even turned on my a/c which should turn it on and it does not i have another IRCM that i pulled from a junkyard mustang as well as another fan (fan works i jumped it) i just dont wanna swap in the ircm if it does not work too. i dont know how to test them or have the tools
  10. ill try that, i have soo many wires coming out of my electric thermostat
  11. You should fix this problem right. Rigging it up will just make your problems worse in the future.

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